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About Temtem

Temtem was released on 21th January, 2020. Temtem is an MMO which is heavily inspired by the legendary Pokémon game. At Temtem, players can explore different zones (islands), catch monsters and build their own houses. A release is planned for the PS4, Xbox One and Switch consoles at a later date.


The players can travel to six islands and catch various Temtems and fight with them against other Temtems. These monsters can learn skills and have combat and special skills. There are a total of 12 different element types, each with different properties.

In battles, players can play alone or as a team against monsters or against other players. To progress in the game, players must complete quests and engage in dialogues with the residents. In addition, Temtem players can design and customize their house. There are currently about 80 different monsters, until there are over 161 Temtems until the correct release.

Trading House

In Winter 2020 the first Trading House in Temtem will be accessible. You might be able to trade your Temtems there with live auctions. The developer considers to give us some more options to trade with other players.

There is a big hype about the Trading House, and everyone is wondering why it doesn’t come out sooner. The reason is that this feature requires a lot of planning time. The developer team don’t want to publish a feature with dozens of bugs.

Additional Information

Omninesia’s floating islands are home to bustling hordes of Temtem creatures, waiting for you to find them, tame them, and battle one-on-one against rivals. Combining elements of a whimsical RPG with a collecting quest game, Temtem also uses competitive matches and customization of a player’s menagerie to distinguish itself from the competition.

The main focus of Temtem is in training and honing your creature’s skills in battle – and that’s because the eight other dojo masters that you have to face on your path to becoming a Temtem master are no joke.

The floating islands are the primary setting for much of the action of the game. It is a location where Temtems and people live in harmony with one another. Each island offers its own places to explore as well as its own unique Temtem. Additionally, the atolls each possess their own biome and style.

The people there may have a different culture, and the general vibe of each island is unique from the rest. When you’re not taming Temtem, you’ll be involved in the game world and interacting with NPCs from various backgrounds. You’ll learn not only more about Temtem but also the many lands of Omninesia.

As far as gameplay modes go, Temtem offers a fun, exciting Story Mode as well as a novel co-op mode. Work together with a friend to explore the realms of Omninesia and overcome rival dojo masters. Because the world of Temtem is online, it is ever-changing and full of dynamic characters and other people to interact with and learn from as friends – or rivals.

Gamers that want to take a break from exploring and taming Temtem can then build a home and customize it. Make Omninesia your own with a home that tells other players who you are and gives you and your Temtem a place to rest after a long day of training.

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