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Buy Temtem Pansun cheap on CoinLooting

You play TemTem and you wonder where you can get Pansun fast and cheap? Here at CoinLooting you can buy Pansun for TemTem and that for a cheap price too. So you can finally buy the TemTems you always wanted to have. Do not hesitate and buy the Temtem Pansun service to have the best experience with CoinLooting.

If you have any questions about the process, you can always contact us in the chat. We will be very happy to help you. The Temtem Pansun service usually starts the same day after you place your order. However, in exceptional cases there may be a delay of up to 24 hours.

What you get when you buy Pansun for TemTem

So, you will receive the following after you order Temtem Pansun from us:

  • Hand over desired amount of Pansun directly in the game.
  • Secure delivery via invitation to the club.
  • Secure handling as well as permanent availability.

CoinLooting has been dealing with farming in various games and TemTem for several years, which is why we always have the Pansun in stock and can usually deliver it right after your order. We are also available in live chat for all your questions.

What can I use the Pansun for?

Pansun is a in-game currency in the game TemTem, with which you can do many different and useful things. For example, you can spend your Pansun on a new super strong and rare TemTem in the auction house. You can also use it to buy new potions or useful items for a fight. So don’t waste your time with farming Pansun for hours and buy them now for TemTem on CoinLooting. Farming Pansun is not as easy as you think. It can only be won by fighting in PvE and PvP or by selling various items. Besides Pansun, you also get Feathers for selling items. However, if farming is getting annoying for you, CoinLooting offers you an easy way to buy TemTem Pansun.

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Select the desired amount of Pansun you want to buy in our store. Choose the platform that suits you best. You can choose between Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox or PC.


After that, you only have to enter the character name. Afterwards your order can be placed. As soon as we receive your order, we will prepare the Pansun for TemTem directly after you have bought it.


We usually meet within minutes of your in-game purchase and invite you to join the club. Please make sure that you have left your current club. After that, the Pansun will be handed over.



How do I get Pansun in TemTem?
There are many different ways to earn Pansun in TemTem. These include breeding and selling TemTems, completing tasks, or catching and selling TemTems or even items. Pansun can also be earned through various PvP battles. However, the number is very small, so you would have to play a lot of games to earn a larger amount. Therefore, the easiest way is to buy Pansun in TemTem on a site like CoinLooting. This way, you don’t have to farm anymore and can fully concentrate on the game.
How fast is the delivery?
After your order has been placed, it usually takes only a few minutes until the delivery. It is best to contact us directly after the purchase in our live chat.
How does the delivery work?
Once your order is placed, we will start preparing your delivery. For this purpose, we will contact you via e-mail or simply write to us in live chat. After you have successfully purchased the Pansun for TemTem, we will meet in-game. We will invite your character to a club. There the Pansun will be handed over afterwards.


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