Diablo 4 – the ultimate RPG experience

With the release on the 6th of June 2023, players will finally be able to play the game they have been waiting for so long. Diablo 4 (IV) is the fourth Diablo series from developer Blizzard. Since the announcement in 2019 at Blizzcon in California, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Diablo 4. The game can be classified in the genre of “hack and slash” and is one of Blizzard’s most popular games.

But what exactly makes the fourth part different from all the others and what makes it so special? We will answer these and other questions for you.

Diablo 4 IV Game

The new adventures and challenges of Diablo 4

Anyone who has already played a Diablo spin-off will know what to expect in the fourth game. Or do you? Compared to all other versions, there are some changes in the latest Diablo 4, which many players did not expect at all. In advance, there are three different versions of the game to buy. A distinction is made between these three versions:

  • Standard Edition
    • Includes the main game
    • A Mount
    • Cosmetic content for the other Blizzard games
  • Deluxe Edition
    • Everything that is already included in the Standard Edition
    • An early access to Diablo 4
    • Additional cosmetic content
    • Premium Battle Pass unlock
  • Ultimate Edition
    • Everything that is already included in the Deluxe Edition
    • Premium Battle Pass unlock + start with 20 level head
    • An exclusive ingame emote

Those who can live without cosmetic content or the Battle Pass can go for the standard version. However, if you want to own all additional content, you should opt for the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition.

Great character customization

Unlike all other Diablo versions, Diablo 4 offers numerous character customizations. This benefit the RPG aspect only and allows us as players to finally shape our hero according to our own wishes. Thus, players are finally given the opportunity to individualize their character and make it unique according to their own ideas. In addition to the skin color, you can also specify various battle scars, piercings or even the hair. Here the player can let off steam and create his own hero. However, if you don’t care about the visuals, you can choose between one of three predefined options.

Diablo 4 IV Game Customization Character

The abilities of the classes in Diablo 4

At the beginning, as a player you have the choice between five different classes. All of these classes have unique abilities. Therefore, choosing the right class can be a bit difficult. Today, we will introduce the individual classes and which playstyle they match.

The Barbarian is a close combat oriented class. Here you stand in the middle of the crowd and deal powerful blows with a melee weapon.

The Druid is a master of transformation. Here you can switch to both melee and ranged combat.

The Rogue is a deadly archer. With poison arrows and with the help of your companions, you’ll be able to keep the enemies at a distance in Diablo 4 (IV).

The Necromancer uses dark magic to finish off his enemies. Here you can summon undead warriors to support you in battle.

The Sorceress is a class that only focuses on ranged attacks. If an enemy gets too close to you, you can freeze them and attack them with powerful spells from a distance.

So there is a suitable class for every playstyle. They don’t differ in the armor or weapons they wear, but also clearly in their abilities.

Will there be PvP in Diablo 4?

Those who would like to prove their skills against other players can also do so in Diablo IV. There will be a PvP mode in the end game. This PvP mode is optional and not mandatory. Here you fight in specially designated PvP areas, which are known as “Fields of Hatred“. The so-called “Seed of Hatred” awaits you as a reward. These seeds can then be exchanged for cosmetic content.

Thus, you can’t really gain an advantage such as gold through PvP in Diablo 4 (IV). Nevertheless, it will probably be interesting for many players in the endgame to put the different builds and skills to the test.

Diablo 4 IV Game New Classes with-new Abilities

The Endgame

For many players, Diablo 4 is by no means over after the story. That’s when the game really begins. After you have completed the campaign and reached the maximum level, there is still a lot to do. We’ll tell you which challenges await you and what you can do in the endgame.

PvE in Diablo 4 (IV) Endgame

Once your character has reached the maximum level and the story has been completed, you can continue with the PvE content. You can enter so-called capstone dungeons. Once you successfully complete the first level, the next level will be unlocked. This makes the dungeons more and more difficult. With the increase of the difficulty level, the loot also gets better and better, of course.

If this challenge is still too easy for you, you can prove yourself in Nightmare Dungeons. This is a version of the Dungeons that is on the Nightmare difficulty level. Modifiers (prefixes) are also set, which make the whole thing a bit more difficult. The modifiers can consist of portals, for example, from which more enemies spawn.

When you finally unlock the Nightmare difficulty level, your character will gain access to the Helltide. This is an open-world event where you have to defeat a powerful demon. As a reward, you’ll receive embers that can be used to open the Hellltide Chest.

If you still don’t have enough and you’re still bored, there are still Paragon points, just like in the other parts before Diablo 4. Each point can be invested in further improvements to make your character stronger and stronger.