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League of Legends (LoL) is the one of the most popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games of all time. The Californian developers Riot Games released the game in 2009. Since then, the playerbase continues to grow every day and the game is known worldwide. If you are looking for ELO Boost for LoL (League of Legends), then you are at the best place here on CoinLooting. But what exactly is LoL and what advantages boosting brings, will be explained in the next section of the text.

League of Legends ELO Boost LoL

What makes League of Legends so special?

Since its release in 2009, League of Legends has grown a lot. The game has also changed a lot in the way it is played. For example, what started out as three different maps and modes has become over ten different ones. In addition, the team at Riot always works on new heroes and thus constantly offers players new varieties. Even you as a player can actively participate in the creation of the game. They can participate in a fan art contest and submit their own skins. With a little luck, one of these skins will end up in the game.

LoL also has a strong e-sports community and therefore offers very balanced heroes. This and many other reasons contribute to the fact that LoL is still one of the most played online games. No other developer manages to respond so well to the desires and also the criticism of the community. It is therefore likely that many players will continue to enjoy this game in the future.

How does LoL’s gameplay work?

There are two different game modes in which distinctions are made. These are explained in more detail in the following section.

The classic games

Here, two teams (blue and red) compete against each other. Both teams consist of five players each. In the lower left area of the playing field is the blue team and in the upper right area is the red team. There are also three lanes, the middle, upper and lower. This is where the heroes split up. The standard split is one player on the top, one on the middle, two more on the bottom and then one more in the jungle. Here, the goal is to destroy the towers and fight your way to the nexus (base). The team that destroys the enemy Nexus first wins the game. This game mode is also available in Ranked mode. You can also use an (ELO) boost for LoL (League of Legends).

Lol ELO Boosting EU & US NA

The ARAM mode

The ARAM mode is very different from the classic games. There is only one lane on which a total of ten players faces each other. They will also assign you to a randomly available hero. So, this can also mean that you get a hero that you haven’t had much experience with yet. Each player also starts at level three and has access to more gold than usual. Items can also only be bought once your hero has been defeated. While your hero is still alive, you cannot return to the Nexus to generate life or mana, let alone spend gold. There is no ranked play in this mode and therefore no boost is worthwhile for this mode in LoL.

The different classes and champions

In League of Legends there are numerous varied champions with unique abilities. The following champion classes are represented in the game.

  • The Slayer is a melee class with fast attacks.
  • Likewise, the Fighter is also a melee class. They usually have stronger armor than the slayer and are also not as agile.
  • The Controller is a supporter who uses magic to heal or even protect the allies.
  • A Mage deals enormous damage to his opponents with various spells.
  • Marksman are hunters who operate from the distance. With their powerful long-range attacks, they can keep their opponents at a distance.
  • Tanks are the masters in absorbing damage.

Each champion you select can be classified in one of these classes. It also depends on which lane you will be playing on. Besides all the different champions, there are also different skins. Some of them you can buy with Riot Points, others you can earn. By winning games you also get different key fragments. If you don’t have time to earn your key fragments every day, you can use the League of Legends (LoL) Boost. With these keys you can open boxes that contain different skins or heroes. Thus, it is not necessary to invest real money for LoL.

LoL Boost ELO League of Legends

Ranked Games and ELO Boost in LoL

Ranked games are a very important part of LoL. The e-sports community also regards the game very highly. For this reason, international tournaments are held every year where you can win prize money of several million dollars. Once you reach level 30, you can unlock the ranked mode. From then on you can prove your skills. There are also different ranks. These go from bronze to challenger. From the higher ranks on it gets more and more difficult. For this reason, you can also take advantage of a League of Legends (LoL) ELO Boost to reach a better rank. This will boost your ELO from different pros.

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League of Legends Boost FAQ

Up to which rank can I get boosted?
Since our boosters are absolute professionals, your account can be boosted up to the highest rank without any problems. Please just make sure that you already have a level 30 account. You can also discuss everything else with us beforehand via live chat.
Can my account get suspended by that?
The security of your accounts is very important to us. That’s why all our boosters exclusively use VPN for a LoL ELO Boost. Likewise, they do not use prohibited software. Thus, we reduce the risk of a suspension to a minimum.
Can I also book other boosts that are not listed here?
Yes that is not a problem. We can fulfill almost all wishes of our customers. If you have a special wish, then just ask us beforehand in the chat or also gladly by e-mail. We will find the right solution for you.