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WoW Arena Rating Boost for EU and US Servers

You like to play arena in WoW but your ranking doesn’t improve anymore? Also, you can’t find any team mates for 2v2 arena rating in WoW and therefore you are looking for a boost? Then you are exactly right here on CoinLooting. Here you can easily and safely buy the WoW Arena Boost for all servers. Our professional players will get you through 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 Arena to your requested rating. You can also choose between Selfplay and Accountshare.

The process is very simple and also self-explanatory. After you have purchased the WoW Arena Rating Boost, you can immediately contact us via live chat or email. Then we will discuss all the information and choose a date together. If you have chosen the “Selfplay” boost method, please pay attention to the item level requirement. However, if you have chosen Accountshare, then you don’t need to pay attention to anything else. The boosters are also very experienced WoW players who can do any arena rating with ease.

What can I expect during the boost?

  • We offer you a fast and also safe handling of the boosts
  • Also, the team of boosters consists of experienced WoW players
  • They also do not use any software to get your rating
  • We are also available 24/7 and will answer all your questions or keep you up to date
  • Your data will not be shared on and will be deleted after the order is completed

Why should I buy the Arena Boost for WoW?

Under certain circumstances it can be very difficult to find a matching player for the arena. To save you this annoying search, we offer you this uncomplicated and also simple solution. So, you can easily reach your desired arena rating by boosting in WoW without spending hours searching for the right player. Our team consists of many different experienced players who can play all classes. Besides, we also have characters with all classes to make the best arena combination for boost in WoW US.

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You don’t have to meet any specific requirements here. Please send us your account data via e-mail or live chat after the WoW Arena Boost purchase. This information will be kept confidential and will be deleted after the order.


For the Selfplay boost method, there are some requirements that must be met beforehand.

  • At a finish rating of 1600 your character must have at least item level 213
  • At a finish rating of 1800 your character must have at least item level 220
  • At a finish rating of 2100 your character must have at least item level 226
  • At a finish rating of 2400 your character must have at least item level 233

Please make sure that you meet these requirements. If you do not meet them, you will have to opt for the Account Share boost method.


WoW 2v2 Arena Boost


WoW Arena Carry

WoW PvP Arena Boost



WoW Arena Boost FAQ

In our opinion, the Arena Boost is very safe. We have already completed over 200 different Arena Boosts and have never had any problems. However, we always make sure that our boosters do not mention anything about a purchase. It should look as natural as possible.

No, you don't have to. If you have very few experience in arena battles, then simply choose the boost method "Account-Share". We will then do the playing for you. This way we can also guarantee that we will reach the desired arena rating in WoW after you have bought the boost.

Yes, it doesn't matter. You can also start with a rating of 0 and select 2400 as the finish rating. However, please make sure that you do not select Selfplay if you have little experience in arena battles. We will then log into your account and boost to the desired rating.


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