Albion Online Silver for the app and PC

Have you been playing Albion for a long time, or have you just started? Then you know how annoying it can be to farm silver in Albion Online. For this reason, we offer you here at CoinLooting the possibility to buy cheap Albion Online Silver. You can also find more items for your favourite game Albion Online. If you are wondering what Albion Online actually is, you will find this information in the next section.

Albion online silver

The game Albion Online

Albion Online 2020 is a sandbox PVP (Player vs. Player) plus massively multiplayer online role-playing game without a class system. This game is inspired by old school MMORPGs like Ultima Online and Mortal Online with loot PVP zones, detailed crafting and player houses. The game has an extensive skill system and has a strong emphasis on crafting. It also allows players to customize and develop their characters the way they want. For this, however, you’ll need Silver in Albion Online. This can be obtained by killing monsters, similar to Diablo.

Besides, you’ll be able to show your extraordinary combat abilities and conquer a piece of the huge world of Albion for yourself, to expand your empire and protect it from invaders. Keep building up your silver storehouse and become a powerful person in Albion.

The PvP battles in Albion Online

Play Albion online and compete with the greatest warriors in intense PVP battles in the open world of Albion. Therefore, you must try to eliminate your enemy from the battlefield through teamwork! Therefore, you must be the most skilled warriors to leave battle victorious. On the other hand, Albion Online visually looks like a run-escape, only with much better graphics. So, if you are looking for a unique player-streamed MMO, you will love Albion Online.

In territories you can collect valuable siphon energy and resources with your guild. Collect and claim what is rightfully yours. You’ll fight with different monsters, which will provide you with the resources to create weapons and items.

It is also possible to measure your skills in the Albion Arena. There, five players compete against each other. The item power of your gear is set to 700. This prevents players from gaining an advantage through their particularly strong armor. So, the balincing in the arena fights is pretty good. As a reward for the Arena battles in Albion Online, you can expect a bag of Silver or an Arena Sigil. This Arena Sigil can then be exchanged for various items.

Powerful Castle Fights

In addition, huge guild battles for different castles await you in Albion Online. A castle can be claimed by a guild. Once a castle is conquered by a guild, it is owned by the guild. Thereby the conquest is a real challenge for every guild. There are strong elite opponents waiting for you to defeat. When the final boss of the castle is defeated, the castle is yours. When your guild has collected enough Season Points, you can open the Castle Chest. Legendary rewards like silver or other useful items that you can put to good use in Albion Online await you there.

Arm yourselves wisely; only true warriors can defeat the monsters!

albion silver

The main features of Albion Online

The game Albion Online is defined by some very special main features. These make the game so special and also unique on the gaming market. What these are exactly will be shown in more detail in the next section.


Play the most exciting PVP action fighting game with the greatest warriors of Albion. So, try to win the battle by showing your fighting skills on the battlefield and become the most skilled warrior. Whether it’s duelling, ganking, corrupted dungeons or even warcamps, Albion Online offers plenty of opportunities for PvP players. You won’t find a similar selection of PvP options in any other MMO. So, if you are enthusiastic about the player vs player concept and are always looking for a challenge, Albion Online is the game for you.

The guilds

Use your guild to collect and obtain precious energy and other valuable resources. You can also farm Silver in Albion Online together with your guild. This can then be stored in the guild bank. The guilds are designed for a maximum number of 300 players. So, think carefully about which players you want to join your guild. Fighting monsters will give you resources to create weapons and items. Be a proud bearer of your guild crest and go into battle against other guilds.

Create your own Armor and weapons

Forge your destiny! Like, for example, a powerful Armor. All items are made by players in our player-controlled economy, so get in front of the anvil and start forging! You can create three different types of armor.

  • Cloth Armor:
    are useful for mages. Here you have to collect fiber with a sickle. You can then convert it into cloth and make your own Cloth Armor in Albion.
  • Leather Armor:
    for the medium Armor you need leather. You can skin this after killing wild animals. From this you can make Armor for your hunter class.
  • Plate Armor:
    If you choose the heavy Armor, you have to mine ores and smelt them. Then you can use the ingots to forge your own heavy Armor for your warrior.

Classless progress

On the one hand, in Albion Online there is no restriction on equipment and no rigid class system. Your equipment defines your role; you are what you wear. If you choose light Armor, you will go the way of the mage. Spells and magic are your best weapons. If, on the other hand, you wear leather Armor, you will choose the path of the hunter. He fights from a distance with a bow. Do you want to play a strong melee hero? Then you have to choose the heavy plate Armor. The best way to find out which class suits you best is to try it out yourself.

Full loot MMORPG

In Albion Online, players can get all their items looted after they die. However, death is a pretty serious thing in Albion Online. After death, Albion Online Silver is usually needed to buy more equipment or weapons. If you die too many times, then you have to wait for the cooldown to revive you. So always be careful, otherwise you can spend the time waiting in Albion. Also, always make sure that you have enough potions and food with you. This way you can save yourself even in the most difficult situations.

Explore, gather and hunt

It requires plenty of resources to forge the deadliest weapons and build the biggest cities. But try to find the most valuable material and search far and wide. However, always stay alert, because your enemies will also be looking for you. In order to obtain the powerful weapons, however, you’ll have to farm the resources or get them with silver in Albion Online. For example, for bows you need wood, for heavy Armor you need ores. So, you have to spend a long time farming resources.

Albion Online silber


Fight against your enemies by demonstrating your ferocious and exciting combat skills and win the battle. Numerous dungeons with a wide variety of bosses await you. There are also powerful open world bosses that you can destroy with your guild. Since these are very rare, you also get very good loot. There is a possibility to get a lot of silver in Albion Online. Also, other very rare resources or equipment.

Royal Expeditionary Forces

New players to Albion are given a place of refuge with the royal family. Of course, they do this to fill the king’s treasuries in the Old World. However, as the game progresses, you can decide for yourself if you still want to be part of the royal family.

Player Housing

You can build and decorate your own house as you like. Silver is usually required for this in Albion Online. Create your cities and villages and fight against other guilds for the territory. Player Housing allows you to place a house anywhere on the map of Albion Online. So, when you find a nice place, you can settle there. There are different tier classes of your house. Starting with the tier 1 (wood) house up to the tier 8 (stone) house.

The creatures from Albion

Many different monsters and creatures await you in the world of Albion.

  • The Morgana Faction:
    These are the disciples of Morgana. They have sold their souls to the demons. They are dark creatures who have only evil in mind.
  • The Keeper:
    They are a tribe of natives who have lived in Albion since the beginning of time. This tribe is particularly strong and has very good hunters.
  • The Undead:
    The undead were created by the ominous Betrayal thousands of years ago. Now they run haphazardly around the world, attacking everything they see.

A dangerous world full of demons of hell

An entirely new threat to the world of Albion, these fiery nightmares are known as Demons of Hell. Their will to cross borders is unwavering, but for now their presence is faintly felt. However, they are trying to force their way through the gates between this world and theirs. Conquer this threat and earn your silver in Albion Online. Gain prestige among the other players.

Fight for your life

Be a skilled warrior and fight for your life. In Albion Online you can get your warrior better equipment with Silver. Otherwise, you can craft them yourself. In the auction house you can find more rare items that can give you a certain advantage.

Character Customization

You can customize your game characters according to your own choice. You can choose between many different hairstyles or beards. So, there are no limits to your imagination. Also, in the Character Builder you can test your builds beforehand or share them with other people.

Fate forge

Each player forges their own destiny! Be it a powerful armor, a set of sturdy tools or a magical staff – all items are made by you, so take the position at the anvil and start forging!

Player controlled economy and currency

Players craft all buildings and other items themselves. Also, they can collect resources and craft items and even create their farms!

In Albion Online there is Silver and Gold. They are two completely different currencies. Gold can only be purchased for real money in the Albion Online Shop. You can use it to upgrade your premium status, for example. Silver, on the other hand, can only be collected in Albion Online by killing monsters. You can then spend it on Armor or in the auction house.


When you need a break from fighting, you can build and maintain your farm. This includes growing crops, caring for animals and constructing new buildings on your own island off the coast of Albion. You can produce food to sell at the markets for a profit or to fill up your guild’s coffers. This way you’re out of the fight, but still supporting your guild. Don’t worry about farming Albion Online Silver Gold, we’ll equip you with your silver.

True cross-platform support

This game is the first truly platform independent MMO experience. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, with all players on one master server. You’ll have to decide how your adventure unfolds, at home or on the go! Get Albion Online Silver now on CoinLooting!