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The weapons are a very important part of Destiny 2, and there are many different weapons with various strengths and weaknesses. There are weapons that are strong at short range and also those that are very strong at long range. Depending on which playstyle you prefer, choosing the right weapon is very crucial. However, due to the fact that some weapons are very rare, it can be very difficult for you to obtain your desired item. For this reason, here on CoinLooting you can buy cheap and fast Destiny 2 weapons and guns, whether exotic or Legendary. This way you can save your time and enjoy the game. So you don’t have to ask yourself where to get the guns in Destiny 2.

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The weapon quality and rarity in Destiny 2

As in many other games, the weapons can have different levels of rarity. In Destiny 2, there are five different levels. The higher the rarity level of your weapon, the higher its quality. Accordingly, rarer weapons do more damage and are generally stronger.

  • Common Weapons are recognizable by the color white
  • The Uncommon Weapons have the color green.
  • Rare Weapons are colored blue.
  • Legendary Weapons are purple.
  • And rarest weapons are the Exotic Weapons. These can be recognized by their yellow/gold color.

So, if you want to buy the special (exotic) weapons in Destiny 2, then you are in good hands on CoinLooting. Alternatively, you can farm them yourself, but you need a lot of time and luck.

There are also three different types of ammunition. These include the following.

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How can I upgrade my weapons?

You can improve your weapons with various perks in Destiny 2. The higher the quality of your weapon, the more perks you can equip. There are very different perks with completely different effects. You can change the attributes so that the damage, the fire rate or the magazine capacity is increased. But where do I get the guns and the perks in Destiny 2? To unlock these perks, you have to complete various missions. You may have to complete different dungeons, raids or bosses. To do this, you can buy a weapons and guns boost for Destiny 2 from us. This way you can get all the weapons and perks you need.

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