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Why should I choose CoinLooting for my WoW Classic Season of Discovery (SoD) Level Boost?

If you want to buy a level boost in WoW Classic Season of Discovery (SoD), then CoinLooting is the right place for you. We are specialized in leveling boosts in SoD. Our boosters have many years of experience and guarantee fast processing. The maximum level increases with each phase, particularly in the four different phases of WoW SoD. A level boost in WoW Classic Season of Discovery can be especially beneficial for players who only have a limited amount of time but still want to enjoy the end game.

What’s the point of buying a WoW Classic Season of Discovery Level Boost?

In the new Season of Discovery, the leveling experience will be significantly different from all other World of Warcraft expansions and servers. Not only is the game style going to change due to completely new class-role combinations, such as the Shaman Tank, but also the maximum level. Each of the four phases features a maximum level. However, it has not yet been mentioned whether the Season of Discovery will go beyond these four phases and level 60. The following information about the different phases is currently known:

  • Phase 1: maximum level 25
  • Phase 2: maximum level 40
  • Phase 3: maximum level 50
  • Phase 4: maximum level 60

Each phase will last only three to four months. However, if you want to try out several classes and the new roles that go with them, you will have to invest a lot of time in the new WoW server. In order to ensure that our customers who only have a little time don’t have to do without it, they can buy a level boost for WoW Classic Season of Discovery (SoD) from CoinLooting. This way you can enjoy the benefits of the end-game in just a few days and also discover the many possibilities of the new class roles.

What can you expect from this boost?

  • A level boost to the desired level in WoW SoD.
  • All loot found during the leveling process, such as weapons, armor or other items, remains on your character.
  • The level boost is completed manually by a professional booster.
  • This involves completing quests or dungeons.
  • The use of a VPN is also possible.

If you have any further questions or would simply like to buy a WoW Classic Season of Discovery Level Boost, you are welcome to contact us via the live chat. This will allow us to set the earliest possible date with you. We also offer other services for this new server.

What leveling methods are available in WoW SoD?

The new server provides players different ways to reach the maximum level of each phase. New quests, monsters and dungeons make this leveling process a completely new experience for every player. There are three different ways to reach the maximum level as quickly as possible.


Quests are a good way to level up in WoW SoD. You can play completely alone (solo quests) or in a group. Quests will play a particularly important role in the Season of Discovery. Through various quests, you can obtain runes that unlock new abilities for your character. The disadvantage, however, is that the leveling speed is slow compared to the other leveling methods.


The dungeons are an excellent way to level up quickly and efficiently. Unlike questing, a group of five players is required here. Each player takes on an important role.


Boosting is probably the easiest way to get a character to the maximum level quickly. At CoinLooting you can therefore buy a WoW Classic Season of Discovery level boost easily and simply. We can usually get started just a few minutes after you place your order.


  Step 1

Before we can start with the level boost to your desired level in WoW Classic Season of Discovery (SoD), you must first select your starting level. You can then add all other information such as server, faction etc. Power leveling takes place exclusively via account share.

  Step 2

We will then notify you by e-mail. Here we will arrange a suitable date and inform you about the duration of the boost. Once we have set a suitable date together, we will start the boosting.

  Step 3

After your character in WoW SoD has reached the desired level through the boost, we will send you an e-mail. You can then log back into your account and change your password.



What is the maximum level in WoW SoD?

The maximum level is redefined in each phase of the Season of Discovery. Each phase increases the maximum level. So far, four phases are known with the following maximum levels:

  • Level 25 = Phase 1
  • Level 40 = Phase 2
  • Level 50 = Phase 3
  • Level 60 = Phase 4

In each phase, players have a few months (between three and four) to reach the maximum level. The next phase then begins.

How long will the level boost for WoW SoD take?

This depends on the different phases. In the first phase, the level boost for WoW Classic Season of Discovery will not take much time. The duration of the leveling process therefore increases with each new phase.


Currently it takes up to 3-4 days from level 1-25.