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The game and Gameplay FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the largest subscription’s MMORPGs on the market. You are offered a huge variety of content. For example, hardcore raid content, an extensive crafting system and the establishment of your own home. Final Fantasy XIV developers are regularly publishing new story content, dungeons and raids every three to four months, , for which boosts are also available. The gil is the currency in the game. The gil is used in FFXIV to buy better equipment and weapons. You can also use it to buy furnishings for your property.

FF14 Gil & Boost

Patch Echoes of a Fallen Star

The publisher Square Enix has announced the major content update for the longstanding successful MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online. The patch has the version number 5.2.

We list the changes to the new patch 5.2 below:

New quests in the main series: The Shadowbringers saga continues.

New quest line to improve equipment: Starting with the 5.2 patch, this quest line will be updated regularly. It should give the players new powerful equipment as they learn more about the home of the Hrothgar, the Bozja Citadel. You also will need FFXIL Gil to get better equipment.

Ruby weapon:  Frirstly, you can challenge the Ruby weapon in normal and difficult mode.

Raid Eden’s Verse: The Eden Raid series will feature new battles in both normal and difficult modes. A boost service in FFXIV can be helpful in this case.

New Wild Tribal Quests: The Qitari will offer new quests for farmer.

Dungeon Anammases Anyder: This new dungeon can be played with other players or with a group of NPCs. There you can expect new and better equipment and plenty of gil in FFXIV.

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Eorzea – A Realm Reborn

Eorzea is filled with mystery, marvels, and intrigue. As the world of Final Fantasy XIV has both burned to the ground and arisen from ashes anew. So to only become one of the world’s most beloved online titles.

But an ancient threat, once thought defeated, threatens the simple peace that reigns in the land. The war-torn, independent land of Ala Mhigo may soon find itself once again under the evil rule of the Empire. The mighty war machines of Eorzea’s greatest warring nation quake once again. While the heroes of Light face decisions about destiny and character that could change the future of the game forever. With FFXIV Gil, you’ll also have more options open to you. For example, you can further train your craftsmen or even collector professions. These can give you further advantages in the fight against powerful opponents. The Warriors of Light are asleep and the Saviors of Eorzea are locked away.  It’s up to the regular players to grab the adventurers’ helmets and stop the empire and its unstoppable run across the map.

Shadowbringers brings new, dark twists to FF14’s lore, an updated game system, and an unexplored realm called Norvrandt. This realm is full of inhabitants to get to know and dungeons to loot.

FFXIV online Gil or Boost

What awaits you in FFXIV A Realm Reborn ?

Both fans of the Final Fantasy series and new players will get their money’s worth with FFXIV. The online version of Square’s long-running series, the world of Eorzea, offers players many possibilities. Several class systems can be discovered. Also to play the role of one of many races and participate in a story. Which can only be described as cinematic and with everything else the company has to offer. Fast-paced, great combat and an intuitive talent system are at the forefront. This ensures that this title progresses faster than the old round games of yore. At the same time, the huge, vibrant world of Eorzea offers enough distraction and content to keep even gamers busy for years. Upgrade your class, master your talents, or create your own palace. Since you need Gil for this in FF14, you’re on the right place.

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Final Fantasy XIV FAQ

After we receive your order, it won't take too long for the gil to be delivered. Usually we need up to one hour to deliver the gil in FFXIV. However, in some exceptional cases, this may take a little longer. You can simply ask us about the delivery time in the live chat if you are unsure.

In Final Fantasy XIV there are many different class jobs with very different abilities. To give you a better understanding of them, here is a brief overview of all the jobs in FFXIV.


  • Paladin:
    They are fighters with sword and shield. Likewise, Paladins are good group supporters of the tanks and very beginner friendly. Unfortunately, they don't deal as much damage and feel a bit sluggish at higher levels.
  • Warrior:
    Fighting in the battle with a large axe. The warrior is particularly strong in single-target damage. However, this job is also not easy to master.
  • Dark Knight:
    Similar to the Warrior, the Dark Knight carries a powerful two-handed weapon. He is particularly strong in area of effect (AoE) damage.
  • Gunbreaker:
    Is very fast on his feet and brings some mobility to the game. Unfortunately, this job hardly occupies a defensive ability and is very vulnerable.


  • White Mage:
    It's also very beginner-friendly and easy to play. So, with this job you choose the class with the strongest single-target heal in FFXIV.
  • Scholar:
    Is a very fun class and fights with a companion. The companion helps you heal the party members.
  • Astrologian:
    Is the best class for the group heal. Unfortunately, the astrologian does almost no damage. Thus, it is a pure supporter job.

Melee DPS

  • Monk:
    Also shows a very good damage. In addition, this job is very mobile and agile. Thus, you quite skillfully get out of any dicey situation.
  • Dragoon:
    Has very good group buffs that strengthen the entire team. However, dodging the enemy's abilities is not so easy with the Dragoon.
  • Ninja:
    Is also a very strong group supporter. Unfortunately, he deals the least damage among all melee DPS job classes.
  • Samurai:
    In contrast, the Samurai is the strongest melee fighter. He deals the most damage but does not offer group support.

Range DPS

  • Bard:
    Shoots his way free with his bow. Despite his high mobility, he lacks DPS.
  • Machinist:
    Is a very strong ranged fighter with extraordinary abilities. He is especially characterized by his fast-playing style.
  • Dancer:
    Is the perfect group support for any group and cannot be missed.


  • Black Mage:
    With his ice, fire and lightning spells, he does extreme damage. Especially leveling proves to be extremely easy with this job.
  • Summoner:
    Can summon powerful allies to fight by his side. However, the ability combinations are extremely complex and difficult to learn.
  • Red Mage:
    Is easy to play, especially for beginners. Unfortunately, the DPS also suffers.

As in many other MMORGP's, leveling is also part of FFXIV. Especially the last 10 levels prove to be extremely hard. To get to the maximum level as quickly as possible, your character should get a rest bonus. You can get this bonus by logging out near an aetheryte. You can also boost your level by using the right food in FF14. The fastest way to reach the maximum level, however, is still by completing the quests in the main scenario.

The game Final Fantasy XIV is not only available on the PC, but also on the console. Currently, all PlayStation players can look forward to an FFXIV version. The popular MMORPG is also planned for the Xbox Series X and One in 2022. In summary, FFXIV is also available for the console.

Yes, Final Fantasy XIV costs 12.99 Euros per month. But you need the Starter Edition to start playing the game. But only the access to the expansions "A Realm Reborn" and "Heavensward" will be unlocked. To get access to the new expansion, you need the Complete Edition. This will unlock access to "Stormblood" and the new expansion "Shadowbringers".

So, if you want to test the game first, you can simply do it with the Starter Edition. You can purchase all other expansions later in the game.