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Buy FFXIV Gil at a cheap price – here on CoinLooting

You want to buy new armor, weapons or other items? Or equip your property with rare furniture? Then you either have to buy gil in FFXIV or farm it. If you decide to buy Gil for FF14, then you are in good hands here at CoinLooting. Here you can buy cheap Gil for FFXIV without much effort. Our colleagues have farmed the Gil themselves, so we know our sources. So you can always be sure that you can safely buy Gil.

If you have any further questions about the process, please feel free to contact us in the chat. We will be very happy to help you. After you buy FF14 Gil, it usually takes only a few minutes until you receive the Gil. However, in exceptional cases, there may be a delay of up to 24 hours. We will then meet you in-game and give you the gil. So please make sure that you are online directly after buying FF14 Gil. Buy FFXIV Gil here on CoinLooting safely and quickly and spend it in the FF14 ingame store. This will give you better items and make your character stronger without long farming.

What can I expect when I buy Gil for FF14 at CoinLooting?

So, you will receive the following after buying Final Fantasy XIV Online Gil from us:

  • Safely farmed Gil, as we know all our farmers (so no use of software)
  • Your desired amount of FFXIV Gil will be delivered quickly and easily
  • Equally safe and fast delivery after you buy FFXIV Gil (only via Face to Face)
  • 24/7 available customer support
  • Many different payment methods
  • Premium customer support

What can I use the gil for?

The gil is a widely used in-game currency in Final Fantasy Online. You can find it not only in Final Fantasy Online, but also in other Final Fantasy parts (e.g. XII). It can be exchanged for powerful items or other useful items. Unfortunately, farming Gil proves to be extremely time-consuming. So do you want to spend your time on the PC farming gil? We offer you a good alternative. Here on CoinLooting you can easily buy Gil for FFXIV without much effort. So you can spend your time doing fun things in the world of Final Fanatasy XIV. You have the decision in your own hands.

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Choose the amount of FFXIV Gil you want to buy in our store. First, select the appropriate region. Afterwards you can choose your server.



Now enter your character name in the appropriate field and select the appropriate shipping method for you. If you choose the shipping method “Mail”, the gold will be sent to you directly by in-game mail.



After you have ordered the desired amount of gil, we will immediately take care of your order. Sit back and relax and we will inform you as soon as the gil has been shipped. Usually we need 1-24 hours for your order.



With our professional and quick service we offer you a great experience. Coinlooting offers you what you need to start your career in FF14.


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