Lineage 2 Adena for the new server Aden

You have heard about the new Aden Server for Lineage 2? Are you also looking for Adena for this new Lineage 2 Aden server? Then we welcome you to CoinLooting. But first we will clarify the question, what is Lineage 2 Aden?

Adena Lineage 2 Aden

What is Lineage 2 and what is Aden?

The game Lineage II is a gigantic online multiplayer battle video game developed specifically for Microsoft Windows. Originally, Lineage 2 is a Korean MMORPG developed in the Unreal Engine 2. In 2003, the game was released on the market for the first time. The game has enjoyed great popularity in both the Eastern and Western markets. Initially, the game was pay-to-play, but it was switched to a free-to-play model in 2011, similar to some other games in the Lineage 2 category. Lineage 2 is still especially popular in countries such as Russia, Brazil, as well as the US and Germany. The game has a large fanbase in these countries and is still actively played today.

Lineage 2 Aden is a completely new server. There, all players start from the beginning (Fresh Server). Unlike the classic servers of Lineage, Aden offers more solo content such as PvE (new dungeons, quests and raids) and also in the PvP area. So, it is especially interesting for players who like to play alone. But also, the leveling speed has increased drastically. So, you can bring a character to the maximum level in just a few hours. With the Dark Knight and the Storm Blaster, two completely new classes are also introduced. These also bring a bit more variety to the class system. With new servers like Aden, the Lineage 2 developers are making sure that players can always experience new adventures. Thus, Lineage 2 Aden will remain relevant.

Lineage 2 Aden Adena

The development of Lineage 2

The fictional story of Lineage 2 is told through a series of storylines called “sagas”. Currently, there are two sagas in the game: The Chaotic Throne and The Chaotic Chronicle. Every six months, the game introduces extensive updates/expansions called “Chronicles”. These updates include new story events, powerful features and add-ons. Each chronicle also brings many new experiences to the game, such as valuable techniques, new skills, locations, quests, expanded equipment, etc. In some chronicles you’ll be able to level up your character faster, since the experience points will be increased.

The races from Lineage 2

On the planet of Lineage II Aden there are currently seven different races. All of them have both their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right race is very important in the late-game. Some classes are unsuitable for one race. You should pay attention to this.

  • Humans – they correspond to people in real life. They have balanced characteristics overall.
  • Elves – they have outstanding movement, throwing speed and talent, but are relatively weak in run defense.
  • Dark elves – who have greater spellcasting and crossbow attack skills.
  • Orcs – they enjoy higher hit points and MP, but move sluggishly.
  • Dwarves – who are really effective crossbowmen and skilled craftsmen.
  • Kamael – they are humanoids with a lone wing and gender-specific job categories. They are also particularly good traders and know exactly how to earn Adena in Lineage 2.
  • Ertheia- who are female fighters with two completely separate classes and quest lines

Lineage II Aden Adena

The different currencies (e.g. Adena) and the trading system in Lineage 2

In Lineage 2 Aden there are many different currencies. We distinguish between the main currencies, the clan currencies and the other currencies. These three categories will be examined in more detail in the following section.

  • Main-Currencs
    1. Adena:
      It’s like the “gold” in many other MMORPGs. You need it to buy armor or weapons in the auction house. You can also buy other items with it. To get Adena in Lineage 2, you can complete quests, destroy monsters or conquer dungeons. Thus, it can also be said that in Lineage 2 Aden Adena is the main currency.
    2. Red Diamonds:
      These can be purchased both in the store for real money and from daily quests. Most often, this currency is used to increase the inventory space.
    3. Blue Diamonds:
      Unlike red diamonds, blue diamonds can only be bought with real money. Only with the blue diamonds, trading of items between players is allowed.
  • Clan-Currency
    1. Clan Adena:
      Is basically Adena which was donated to the clan. It can no longer be converted to Adena. You can use it to upgrade your clan hall.
    2. Clan Coin:
      Every time you donate Adena to your clan, a Clan Coin is generated. This can be used to buy various buffs that give the individual players in the clan certain advantages.
  • Other Currency
    1. Mastery Points:
      You can earn these points by leveling up. From a certain level (40) your character can receive these points. With them you can later buy different items from the store.

So, there are many different currencies that you can use and that are also used for different things. However, if you want to buy Lineage 2 Adena for Aden, you can do that here.

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