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What you need to know about the new game Bless Unleashed

Bless Unleashed is a free open-world MMORPG that gives players the possibility to explore and create their own journey as well. In Bless Unleashed you’ll be able to explore a huge and lively world with friends or take a unique path. Thereby you can embark on an epic solo journey. In doing so, players have full control over how they want to play the game. Every decision that is made also has an immense impact on the overall development. Moreover, this gives a feeling of freedom never experienced before in an MMORPG. To give you a good start in the game, we recommend buying Star Seeds for Bless Unleashed. That way you’ll be well prepared for the adventure.

Bless Unleashed Star Seeds EU

Great storyline

In a mysterious dream, you learn of the chaos and destruction that will soon befall the world. Lumenas will be resurrected, bringing forth decay and hunger – an inevitable war in which countless humans will lose their lives. Once awake, you’ll embark on a great adventure to collect the fragments of the gods before Lumenas breaks their seal.

Exciting combat system

Fight alongside your friends and allies to defeat colossal monsters! Strike down your enemies with an axe, slaughter them with swords, pierce their thick skin with a bow and arrow, or simply burn them to a crisp with magic. Unleash a powerful combo and destroy your enemy in battle.

Open World

Your journey will take you to the phenomenal world of Lumios, where you’ll find a lush and thriving environment. Be on your guard as you uncover secrets while facing formidable monsters along the way. Call your friends to arms and march towards your destiny.

Bless Unleashed (BU) Star Seeds

Epic Monsters

Epic monsters are waiting for you. Be one of the brave adventurers who fearlessly stand before a formidable foe and muster the strength to defeat your enemies. Do not retreat and use your abilities to the fullest. Remember that no rival is greater than the one who has the will to persevere and succeed.

The different races in Bless Unleashed

In Bless Unleashed there are four different races, among which you’ll have to choose one.

  • Humans are a simple people who also participate in trade. They can adapt to all living conditions and are very common in the world of Lumios.
  • The Varg is a wolf-like creature. They are also known as powerful and tough warriors. They like to live in forests and are actually a peaceful people.
  • The Elves are one of the oldest races of Lumios. Like the Vargs, they are a peaceful people. Moreover, the elves are known for their exceptionally good healing abilities.
  • The Ippin are still a newly discovered race. They are very intelligent and have developed many useful technologies such as the airships or the compass.

Varied Classes

Likewise, there are also five different classes. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • The Berserker is an excellent melee fighter. He hunts down enemies with his axe. Only the Varg people can be berserkers.
  • The Crusader is also a close combat warrior who goes into battle with a shield and a sword. Both humans and Ippin can be Crusaders.
  • One of the best supporter classes is the Priest. With his healing spells, he is an asset to all groups. Also, only humans and Ippin can be priests.
  • The Mage is the most powerful ranged class. With his spells he can cause a large area damage as well as destroy individual enemies well. The Mage can only be played by elves and humans.
  • The Rangers are agile fighters equipped with a longbow. They quietly destroy their enemies from a distance. Exclusively the elves, can be Rangers.

Bless Unleashed also scores with a large number of character customizations. The character editor offers you a lot of possibilities. Whether it’s the shape of the eyes, the size of the nose or different hairstyles, you can design your character exactly according to your wishes.

Star Seeds for Bless Unleashed

The PvE System

For PvE players, Bless Unleashed has a lot to offer. Players can take part in Arena Challenges. Two players get together and fight in an instance against other monsters. There, the player can expect not only Star Seeds for Bless Unleashed, but also other useful items or weapons. There are also three different types of dungeons. The “normal” dungeons, where five players fight against a final boss. There are also “Time Dungeons” which are only available for a certain amount of time. The most difficult level, however, are the “Abyssal Dungeons”. This is a much more difficult version of the original dungeon. Very good loot also awaits you there. Besides the dungeons, there are also open world bosses. So, you will never get bored because the world is full of challenges.

The PvP Battles

Bless Unleashed also offers a lot of content for PvP players. There are certain zones where open world PvP takes place. There are also various safe zones where PvP is not allowed. Furthermore, there are the classic arena battles, also called Warlords Arena. Here 6 players (3 vs. 3) compete against each other. Only one team can win. There are also large battlegrounds where 15 players compete against 15 other players (Red Basin). For all PvP possibilities, points can be earned. These can then also be exchanged for weapons, equipment or other items. So, if you want to prove your skills in PvP battles, you can do that in Bless Unleashed as well.