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Buy Tera Online Gold now for Menmastera & servers

You like to play Tera Online? But you don’t feel like farming gold for gear or other items all day long? Then you can buy Tera Online gold here on CoinLooting on Menmastera & servers like. Buy gold for Tera Online at low prices to get started as soon as possible. So you can start your adventure in the world of Tera Online relaxed. The ordering process is very simple. Simply select the Tera Online server (e.g. Menmastera, for which you want to buy gold.

We deliver the gold exclusively by mail (post). In our opinion, this is the safest delivery method. If you still have questions about the process, you can always contact us in the chat. We will be happy to help you. The Tera Gold service usually takes only a few minutes. However, in exceptional cases there may be a delay of up to 24 hours.

Why should you choose CoinLooting?

  • We offer a very good service that you will not get from others
  • Also, we deliver the gold in less than an hour on average
  • We know our farmers and can guarantee that no software is used to get the gold
  • And we will accompany you until the completion of your order (live support 24/7)

Why would you buy Tera Gold on Velika or other US servers?

As in many other online games, the currency gold is an important part of the game. This is also the case with Tera. Here the gold is needed in Tera to buy items, gear or even better weapons and mounts. With the Tera gold on yurian or other servers you can get an advantage. Don’t waste time farming gold in TeraOnline. Buy gold for Teraonline now and start your adventure.

Take a look at our other Tera Gold offers below. Maybe you will find a suitable offer for you.


Choose the amount of Tera Gold you want to buy in our store. Select the appropriate region.



After you have chosen the right region, please select a server (e.g. Velika). Then you can enter your character name and choose the appropriate shipping method. We only offer the delivery method “Parcel Post”.



After you have ordered the desired amount of Tera Gold, we will take care of your order immediately. Just contact us via our live chat and we will give you more information about the delivery. Sit back and relax and we will inform you as soon as we have shipped the gold. Usually we need 1-24 hours for this.