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WoW Classic Level Boost from 1-60 – fast, easy and also safe for Classic ERA

Why are you still wasting your time leveling your character? It can be done much easier. We offer you the leveling service around WoW Classic ERA. So you can let us do the quests for you and finally start playing Classic at level 60. What are you waiting for? Buy the WoW Classic Level Boost also for ERA here on CoinLooting now and we will start with the powerleveling immediately. The world of World of Warcraft is waiting for you.

The safety of our customers has the highest priority for us. Apart from that, our booster colleagues are all experienced and long-time Classic players. So they know exactly what they have to do to get your character to the desired level as quickly as possible. All our boosters use your country’s IP address only. If you come from another country, this is no problem for us. Just tell us via live chat which country you are from and we will use the right IP for it. We also guarantee a smooth process and you always can check the current level status of your character here in the live chat. Please also let us know if we are allowed to buy a mount from level 40. With a mount, the leveling process is reduced by about 30%. This means that you will also have your level 60 account available more quickly.

Our leveling service for Classic WoW contains the following

  • Fast and uncomplicated order processing
  • We only let professional boosters access your account
  • Regular updates by the boosters if requested
  • No use of bots or exploits to level up
  • Use of your desired IP addresses for boosting
  • Different level ranges also possible
  • Level 1-60 in maximum three weeks (depending on class selection)

Why should I take advantage of the level 60 boost for SoM?

We know exactly how much time it takes to level up to 60 in vanilla WoW. But not everyone has so time and patience to do this. For this reason we offer you the possibility to take care of this task. You don’t need to spend all your free time to level up your character. If you use the WoW Classic Level Boost, we will do it for you. Especially classes like warrior or rogue can be very hard to level. But these are very strong classes for PvE and PvP at level 60. So if you don’t want to go through the leveling process but still want to experience the late-game, we offer you the WoW Classic ERA Level Boost.

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Before we can start with the WoW Classic Level Boost, you first need to select your region and server. If your server is not listed, just contact us via the live chat function.



Then choose your class and enter character name. Then choose your level range. For this you have to select start and end level. Now add your selected wow classic leveling service to the shopping cart.



After the successful order we will immediately contact our boosters. You will be contacted afterwards by us. All further details will be discussed with you. The boosting duration is between 20-22 days, but it depends on the server and the class.



Our boosters will keep you updated and inform you about the current progress at any time. As soon as the boosting service is completed, you will be notified again.


If you have any additional requests, you can reach us via live chat. Here we are available around the clock and will fulfill your every wish.


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