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Buy Weapons Boost for Dead Messenger in Destiny 2 in Exotic and with Catalyst

The Dead Messenger weapon is a very powerful grenade launcher. This weapon was first introduced into the game with Season 16 (Season of the Risen). This weapon can only be obtained through the Vox Obscura quest series. However, if you don’t have the time or even the desire for this quest series, then you can also buy the weapon boost for the exotic Dead Messenger in Destiny 2 here at CoinLooting. What are the special features of this grenade launcher and why is it so good? This and more will be clarified in the following section.

Why buy the Dead Messenger in Destiny 2 of all things?

The Dead Messenger is one of the strongest grenade launchers in Destiny 2. It can convince with its enormous damage and its special perks, which we will discuss later. The weapon can also be obtained exclusively through a long and exhausting series of quests. At the end you have to defeat the final boss Qabix. So, this is not a random drop. If you don’t have the right group for these quests, it can be quite difficult. For this reason, we offer you, our support.

The different Perks

The various perks significantly improve the weapon. The handling speed is simply increased. This means that it can be guided much more smoothly and can also be changed more quickly in an extreme situation. This weapon can also be improved significantly with a catalyst. Three waves of bundled energy are unleashed after one shot. Thereby a large area damage is caused. So, if you want to own the Dead Messenger, you can buy the exotic version or the version with the catalyst for Destiny 2.

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  • You need at least a Light level of 1530.
  • Also the DLC “Witch Queen“.
  • You also need access to the “Vox Obscura” quest.

More information about the Boost

  • After purchasing the Dead Messenger Weapon Boost for Destiny 2, you can contact us directly via live chat. We can then get started in just a few minutes in most cases.
  • In addition, all of our boosters use VPN.
  • Usually, the boost is also completed in a few hours. Just ask us again about this.