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Buy One Thousand Voices for Destiny 2 Exotic – fast and cheap

You always wanted to have the weapon One Thousand (1k) Voices (Exotic) in Season 15 from Destiny 2, then just buy the Weapon Boost on CoinLooting. This way you can easily and safely get your weapons without having to even lift a finger. This weapon is a fusion rifle, which can be found in the raid “Last Wish“. The drop chance is very low, so you will need several runs to get this weapon. You can read more about what makes this weapon so special and desirable here.

What distinguishes the One Thousand Voices?

This weapon is an exceptionally strong weapon that is a must-have for every player. You can only find it in a chest at Boss Riven. What also makes this weapon so special is that it speaks to you with its one thousand voices. This is also the only weapon in the game that has this special ability. So, if you want to add the One Thousand Voices in Exotic to your arsenal, you can buy it for Destiny 2 from us.

Why should I buy the weapon boost for the one thousand (1k) voices from Destiny 2?

Especially the strong perks of this weapon convince even the last skeptic. For example, a death ray is fired during the loading process. This ensures that you can cause further damage even when reloading the weapon. Likewise, with the range of 100, you have a very good weapon to destroy enemies at a distance. With the improved aiming assist, you’ll be able to hit enemies precisely even at very long distances. The whole thing is rounded off with a kill tracker, so you can always see the number of enemies you have destroyed.

If you want to get your hands on this special weapon or even buy other weapons for Destiny 2, then you’ve come to the right place.


  • You need a Light Level of 1300.
  • You also need the DLC “Forsaken“.

More information about the Boost

  • After buying the boost for the weapon One Thousand Voices in Destiny 2, we can usually start boosting only after a few minutes.
  • In this case, the boost is done exclusively via account sharing.
  • Likewise, you keep all other items that are dropped.
  • All of our boosters use VPN.