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Buy cheap Vex Mythoclast for Destiny 2 now in Exotic and with catalyst upgrade

The weapon Vex Mythoclast is a rare drop from the Vault of Glass Raid in Destiny 2. Since this drop is very rare, you can buy the weapon boost for the Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2 here on CoinLooting. The Vex Mythoclast is one of the best weapons of Season 15 and rightly so. All further information about the various advantages and abilities of this weapon are explained in more detail in the following section.

The advantages of the Vex Mythoclast

The Vex Mythoclast belongs to the fusion rifles. This means that it is a comparatively slow weapon, but it can cause an enormous amount of damage. Unlike many other fusion rifles, you can shoot with this weapon in fully automatic mode. You can also switch between two modes. The fully automatic mode and the linear mode. So, you can adapt the weapon to your playstyle and situation. Another advantage is that this weapon is very strong in PvE. So, if you also want to have this weapon in Destiny 2, you can easily buy the Vex Mythoclast with a boost from us.

Why should I buy the weapon boost for the Vex Mythoclast?

As already mentioned, the Vex Mythoclast is a very powerful weapon. You can also improve this weapon with perks. For example, you can improve the recoil and the stability. This makes the weapon especially good for inflicting a lot of damage. With the equipped catalyst for the Vex Mythoclast, the damage as well as the stability is increased again in the short term. So if you don’t want to run through the raid for hours, we can do this for you. At the end of the boost, you get the weapon and all the other items that are dropped during it.

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  • Your Guardian has to have a Light Level of at least 1300.
  • You must have unlocked the new Season Pass “Season of the Splicer“.

More information about the Boost

  • The boost for the weapon Vex Mythoclast only happens via account share after purchase.
  • You will keep all the items that drop during the boost.
  • It can take up to a few days for us to complete the boost.
  • We usually start only a few minutes after the purchase.
  • Our boosters all use VPN, which increases the security of your account.