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Buy NOT FORGOTTEN weapons boost Destiny 2 – Legendary quality

The legendary hand cannon NOT FORGOTTEN was introduced in Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion. Since the appearance, the demand for this weapon increased enormously. For this reason, you can buy a weapon boost for the legendary NOT FORGOTTEN hand cannon in Destiny 2 without having to play for it for a long time. The weapon is a reward for participating in a competitive PvP playlist. It’s really the best top-tier Destiny 2 PvP revolver!

Difference between NOT FORGOTTEN and Luna’s Howl

The main difference between both hand cannons is their range, and thus their precision. With its first perks, the range of the NOT FORGOTTEN can be enormously increased. Besides, the weapon probably appears with an automatic range masterpiece. This gives the NOT FORGOTTEN almost twice the range of Luna’s howl. So, if you need a revolver with a higher range, you should buy the NOT FORGOTTEN Legendary Boost for Destiny 2.

Other special features of the NOT FORGOTTEN

Related to Luna’s Howl, the NOT FORGOTTEN revolver has a special perk called Magnificent Howl. This perk grant two rapid successive precision shots to grant bonus damage for a short-term until the next time you land a kill or miss! Magnificent Howl thus provides you a huge weapon damage bonus of about +125%! The additional damage is especially noticeable in the PvP-mode. When Magnificent Howl is active, no PvP opponent will survive two critical shots followed by a third one. Even with a resistance of 10 he will not be able to survive. So, if you want to buy the legendary hand cannon NOT FORGOTTEN, CoinLooting offers truly the perfectly weapon boost for it.

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  • At least a Power Level of 900.
  • You must have unlocked the new Season Pass.
  • You will need Luna’s Howl. If you don’t have it, use the extra option, then we will boost the weapon as well.

More information about the Boost

  • The NOT FORGOTTEN Weapon Boost in Destiny 2 is made completely via account share.
  • Everything found during the boost can be kept.
  • The duration of the boost is usually 1-24h. For more detailed information, just ask us via live chat.
  • By using VPN, our boosters use the IP address of your country. This way we increase the security.