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Also,Buy silver credits for World of Tanks (WoT)

If you want to buy silver credits for World of Tank (WoT), then this is where we get to help you on CoinLooting. This way you won’t have to waste time farming. We will earn you your desired amount of WoT Silver credits through a boost. So you don’t have to do anything else and at the end of the boost you can spend your silver on your desired vehicles or accessories.

What exactly are silver credits and what can I use them for?

Silver credits are a currency in World of Tank (WoT). You can earn them in different ways. Among other things, you get the silver by participating in battles. If your team wins, you get more silver points. You can also earn them through the daily missions. Here you will be rewarded with silver or other currencies. Please note that if you have a premium account, you will receive twice as many silver credit points for missions or battles in WoT.

You can use these credits for different things. Probably the most important use is research. You can use them to improve a wide variety of tanks from the different factions. The further you get in your research tree, the stronger your tanks become. You can also buy special ammunition for them with the silver credits in WoT. This includes, for example, armor breaking ammunition. With this, heavy tanks can be destroyed more easily. Another important application is the repair of vehicles. Here you always need enough silver to make your damaged vehicles operational again. Otherwise you won’t be able to go into battle with them.

Why should I choose CoinLooting out of all others?

We offer you the best value for money when it comes to buying silver credits for WoT. Also, we have many different and very experienced boosters in our team. We can also offer you a wide range of payment options and live support. There you can reach us all day long.

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If you want to use the Silver Credits Boost for World of Tank, please make sure that you meet the following requirements beforehand.

  • You need an account with an active Premium Status.
  • You also need at least two Premium-Tanks at level 8.
  • (Optional) You can still use a reserve for silver (battle payments) with the persistent effect. This will reduce the duration of the boost. So we will finish faster.

If you meet all these three requirements, there is nothing to stop you from getting a boost. Please pay attention to this before you make a purchase. If you do not meet the first two requirements, we will not be able to start the boost.


How long does the Silver Boost for WoT last?
It all depends on how much silver you order. As a guideline you can take about 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 million silver per day. Also, your premium tanks are crucial. The better they are, the faster we can complete the boost. We can also optionally use your reserves. Just make a remark during the order process.
When can we start the boost?
After we receive your order, we can usually start right away. Please contact us beforehand via live chat. There we can give you more detailed information.
How does the boost work?
The boost is done exclusively via account play. So after you place your order, send us your details via live chat or email. After the completion of the boost, they will be deleted, of course.
Who are the boosters?
The boosters have been specially selected by us. We include only trustworthy and also experienced players in our team. Moreover, these are professional players who do this professionally.