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Buy cheap New World Level Boost to Level 60

Buy New World Level Boost now at CoinLooting to get the best gaming experience. We also give you the opportunity to start your own adventure in the Game New World without much effort. Therefore, buy Leveling Boost for NewWorld at a fair and affordable price to start boosting as soon as possible. So it’s not too late to start your career in New World now.  You can also buy your desired service here and we promise you the best boosting experience at CoinLooting.

The current level cap in New World is at Level 60. So it’s the maximum level you can reach right now. At Level 60 the endgame content begins and will be able to enter new high-dungeons, compete in PvP with other competitive player or just have fun in Raids and Dungeons. In the future, however, the level cap my be increased to level 70.

What you will get, when you buy Level Boosting for NewWorld

For the best user experience, CoinLooting tends to discuss everything throughout the process. The boost service you would opt for will take not more than 24 hours to start.

  • Fast and Safe handmade boost.
  • 24/7 around the clock support
  • Likewise secure boosting without the use of bots/hacks
  • Also cheap and fair price
  • Premium customer service until the order is completed

Why should you buy Level Boost for New World?

We know how hard it can be to get your character to the maximum level. But don’t worry about that anymore, we will take care of this job for you and make your life much easier. So sit back and let us do the New World Lvl Boost for you. So don’t waste any more time with exhausting power leveling and buy your level boost for New World right now here on CoinLooting.

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How does the boost work?

First you have to choose your region and server. After that, you can choose the level range you want. All level boost services for New World are only be done via account share.

Now you just have to enter your character name and that’s it. You can send us the account details by e-mail or live chat. After we have made an appointment with you, we will start with your level boosting in New World.

After we receive your order, we will start the boost the level for NewWorld character as soon as possible. You can check the status of your order at any time via our live chat. Just contact us.


New World Leveling Boost

New World Level Boost

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New World Level Boost FAQ

Yes we do not use any software like cheats, bots or hacks to boost your character in new world. Our colleagues will do it without any software. So we will log into your account and continue playing normally. This greatly reduces the risk of in-game penalties. So you don't have to worry and can sit back and relax.

Yes, of course it is possible, but the boost will take longer. The best thing is to contact us via the live support, then we can discuss everything else. We can then inform the booster in time and you can log in without any problems.

For the level boosts in New World, we only offer account share. We log into your account and play with your character until the desired level is reached. After the boost have successfully completed, you can change your password again. This way we have no possibility to access your account after the boost.

Currently, the maximum level in New World is Level 60. But this may change with upcoming expansions and patches. At release, the maximum level will be 60.

Since New World is a fairly new game and it's constantly being adjusted, it's hard to say how long it will take. Currently, our colleagues need about six days from level 1 to 60. So you have your maximum level character in only six days. However, this can still change upon release. Just ask us about this in the live chat and we will give you a suitable answer.