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You want to buy Divine Orb for PoE The Affliction Ruthless Standard & Hardcore League, but you don’t know how? We at CoinLooting offer you this possibility. Here you can easily and safely buy your Divine Orbs for Path of Exile Standrad & Hardcore in just a few minutes. But what exactly is a Divine Orb and what is its use?

Buy PoE Divine Orb and be ready for Path of Exile Affliction Ruthless Standard| Affliction – Hardcore | & Hardcore

You can use the Divine Orb in PoE to change the different values of your equipment or the explicit modifiers. The explicit modifier has different affixes depending on its rarity. Since these orbs are also the rarest in the game Path of Exile, they are also very difficult to farm. So, you need several hours just for one Orb if you are unlucky. Thus, the Divine Orbs in PoE Affliction are a very important component, which you can buy cheap here on CoinLooting.

What can I use these orbs for?

As mentioned above, you can use them to re-roll the values of your explicit modifier or equipment. In doing so, you can change the values of the affixes. The rarity varies between magic, rare and unique. Monsters can contain other modifiers such as Bloodlines, Nemesis, and Touch and Possession. However, since all these values are random, it makes sense to change them with the Divine Orb in PoE Scoftcore. This way you can get the right stats for your class and playstyle. This will also make your class significantly stronger. You can also use it to create the Divine Vessel item. With this item you can make the bosses on a map significantly stronger. Afterwards, you can capture the soul of the defeated boss and improve the pantheon.

Why should I buy Divine Orbs for PoE Standard & Hardcore from CoinLooting?

Being passionate gamers ourselves, we know how important it is to have a reliable and also affordable supplier. We at CoinLooting can offer you exactly that. Here you can get your Divine Orbs for Path of Exile Softcore or Hardcore in just a few minutes after purchase. We will simply meet you in-game and hand over your order. So it’s very simple and self-explanatory. Unlike all the other sites, we also offer you the best price-performance ratio and a live chat. So nothing will go wrong.

We also offer other PoE Currency for each League.


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Before you can place your order, you need to decide on the amount you want. Once you have decided, you can then choose your desired platform and difficulty level. As a delivery method for the Divine Orbs in PoE (Path of Exile), we only offer “Face to Face“.


Once we have received your order, we will usually meet in-game in just a few minutes. Please have one or two rare items ready for exchange. This increases the security of the trade.


After the orbs have been handed over, we will also notify you again with a confirmation email. After that, the order is completed and you can continue playing normally.



How does Divine Orb work in PoE?
These orbs can be used to change the values of your explicit modifiers or equipment. Since these values are always random, you may need several tries. Magic and rare affixes can be changed in the process. Unique affixes cannot be changed and are fixed.
Can I trade them as well?
Yes, the Divine Orbs can be traded in PoE even after purchase. So you can also trade these orbs with your friends.
How to get Divine Orbs?
These are very rare orbs that you can get in different ways. Either by killing monsters or sometimes you can find them in chests. However, the drop chance is very low, which is why they are so sought after.
How fast is delivery?
We will usually meet you in PoE in just 5 to 15 minutes afterwards and arrange the handover. However, in rare cases, we may take a short break. You don’t have to worry though. We will contact you by email as soon as we are back.
What items do I need to give for exchange?
Please make sure that you hand over two to three rare items. This is a proven security measure. If you don’t have any items, you can contact us in the chat and we will find a solution together.