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Raid Service for Destiny 2 – Raid Carries and Boost for all Raids

Are you playing Destiny 2 and looking for a raid boost or service for the latest raids? Then you are on the right platform on CoinLooting. We offer you your carries and service for all Destiny 2 raids and on all platforms (PC, Playstation and Xbox). So, you can pay for the raid and destiny 2 and get the items or gear you want with ease.

What is the benefit of buying a Raid Carries Service for Destiny 2?

Unlike the other PvE modes, the raids are the top class. As a player, you must pay attention to many different things, such as the right communication, complex strategies for bosses, as well as the right gear. So, you must make a lot of preparations in advance if you want to complete the raid in Destiny. You also need a good group that is already familiar with the raids. Not everyone has the time and the desire to do this. For this reason, it is sometimes useful to buy a raid boosting (carries or service) for Destiny 2. This way you can get the rare and valuable loot with the help of a Raid Boost for Destiny 2. For this you do not need any experience or previous knowledge.

What advantages are offered to me at CoinLooting?

As mentioned in the section before, if you have limited time or even if you can’t find a group, it makes sense to pay for Destiny 2 raids. We will support you with the right group. So, you don’t have to worry about finding the right players anymore. Likewise, we keep you constantly up to date and always work reliably and quickly. If you have any questions about Raid Boost for Destiny 2, we are happy to help you via our live chat.

On CoinLooting you can find more Destiny 2 Boosting offers.

How does the boost work?

After you have purchased the Raid Boost for Destiny 2, you can contact us immediately via live chat or email. Usually we can start with the boost within a few minutes. Please provide us with all the necessary information and let us know which country we should select for our VPN. This way your account will be safe at all times.

What do I get from the raids?

What you will receive after you book the raid service for Destiny 2.

  • The successful completion of the raid. The following raids for Destiny 2 are available for this service
    • Last Wish
    • Garden of Salvation
    • Deep Stone Crypt
    • Vaulf of Glass
  • Optional completion of the “Weekly Challenge” and the associated loot.
  • The experience points for your Season Pass.
  • As well as the chance to get Exotic and Legendary Items.


For the different raids there are different requirements that must be met.

  • Last Wish -> Light Level 1300+
  • Garden of Salvation -> Light Level 1300+ 
  • Deep Stone Crypt -> Light Level 1230+
  • Vaulf of Glass -> Light Level 1300+