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    You can get only 500 gold per week from the mailbox. The rest of the gold you can pick up the next week. If you need more gold, check out the items we offer. You can sell them. 

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Buy Gold for GW2 (Guild Wars 2) – All EU and US Server

The game Guild Wars 2 is one of the most successful MMOs there is. With the new expansion “End of Dragons”, you will need gold again to buy different things in GW2. That’s why you can buy Guild Wars 2 Gold at a great price from us. This way you can continue to enjoy the game and afford everything. The ordering process is very simple. We only need your server name and your character name. The gold will then be sent directly to Guild Wars 2 by mail after the purchase.

We only offer the shipping method by mail. Please note that you can only get 500 gold per week from the mailbox. However, you can still order more gold and get the remaining gold from the mailbox the next week. The shipment usually takes only a few minutes after we receive a payment from you. After we ship the gold, we will notify you by email. You do not need to do anything else after that.

Why should I choose CoinLooting?

  • Unlike other sites, we farm the gold ourselves
  • For this we have selected farmers who do not use any software
  • Also, the security of our customers is very important to us
  • For this reason, we test all delivery methods very extensively before we use them
  • We also offer 24/7 premium live support through our website

Why should I buy the gold for GW2?

Since you can only buy 500 gold per week in GW2, many other players don’t have very much gold either. You can use it to buy various mounts, for example, or helpful potions and items. So, the more gold you have, the better equipment you can buy in GW2. Please note, however, that there is a weekly limit of 500 gold.

However, if you need more gold or even items for GW2, then look around a bit more. If you have further questions, you can always reach us in the live chat.


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Guild Wars 2 Gold FAQ

The security of our customers’ accounts is very important to us. Therefore, we also make sure that we make the whole ordering process as secure as possible. We only use secure delivery methods. Also, our farmers do not use any software to farm the gold.

You can get only 500 gold from your mailbox in the week. However, if you buy more gold, then you can pick up the next 500 gold in the next week. Alternatively, you can buy different items and then sell them. If you are interested, just have a look at our items.

We send the gold only directly by mail. We do not offer other shipping methods. All methods are checked for security by our colleagues beforehand. So, you don't have to worry about the security of your account.

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