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TemTem 1.0 Release

Temtem 1.0

TemTem is a Catcher-Battler has been garnering significant attention as one of very few challengers to Pokémon games, a well-tested formula rarely successful. The game was announced in early 2008, launching an early access version on Steam in 2020. Finally, the day is near when we will see the 1.0 launch, which happened a few days ago on the 6th of September, in all its glory. The

Let’s look at the recent news and features coming to TemTem 1.0 and what makes it so good that players are waiting to dig their paws into the game to get the best TemTems.

Available Platforms

TemTem 1.0 is available on multiple platforms, including PS5, Switch, and PC, via Steam. It won’t be available for last-gen consoles like PS4 or Xbox One though Nintendo Switch fans will be able to play the game from the launch day. The best part about this launch is that it supports cross-play with others from different platforms, supporting a big community right from the start.

Co-Operative Play

TemTem promotes playing with other friends and community members, where you can finish the entire campaign without going solo while routinely chatting and talking with team members. You can join guilds and clubs to farm larger monsters like Dojo Wars. You can now fully utilize these functions across platforms with the help of cross-play.

Cooperative play allows you to make new friends or enhance your bond with friends and family in this fantastic game for all age groups. Different activities and complete campaigns supporting team play enhance these effects even more.

Tamer’s Paradise

The latest addition to the game with the 1.0 launch is the Tamer’s Island in the game’s diverse Archipelago, where you have a lot of stuff to do and reap many rewards.

Following are the features introduced in this new zone/island to become the best TemTem Tamer in the world:

  • You can fight exciting battles with other master tamers in the game’s history by jumping into the Arch Tamer’s Sanctuary, where you must compose your best competitive squad. You can also enhance your chances by equipping specialized gear for your TemTems that will make all the fights easier
  • Enhanced fighting scenarios in the newly developed Arena mode allow you to defeat your opponents to reach the top. The more battles you win, the harder it will become to reach the top with newly developed Hollo Tamers in this onslaught. You can either bring your curated squad or choose from a random squad to battle for the highest prize. Keep in mind that you can also equip random gear for your Tems that will boost their power and your chances of winning
  • The following fantastic addition to this new island is the Digi-Lair, where you can team up with friends and tackle custom-built matches where the rewards consist of TemTem eggs. The higher you reach, the better the reward is

Additional benefits of the Tamer’s Paradise

  • Fight and capture wild Tems in the TemSafari who are itching for a memorable battle and stop invaders from claiming their territory
  • In these fights, you can choose to fight different Tems each week to tame them and get great rewards. Each week you have different challenges you need to overcome to win these challenges that have different conditions and bonuses for both teams
  • Explore the ever-changing mazes and floors at the ever-shifting Tower and climb to the top. You can select Tams at the first level that you want to take with you though out your exploration of different floors and challenges
  • The more you earn as rewards in different locations and challenges, the more you can spend at the exclusive shopping center in the game’s airborne Archipelago
  • In this exclusive shopping, you can buy anything you may need in your adventures to become stronger and the Best Tamer in the world. Here you can also buy furniture and set pieces for your perfect home, giving you a plethora of fantastic options for you and your TemTems

Tamer’s Pass

The tamer pass allows you to participate in daily activities and win exciting cosmetic rewards with a new season every few months. Every new season will provide more activities, rewards, and better goodies for you to collect. The fun never ends in this paradise, with many more in the future patches and seasons.

Now it’s your choice to either TemTem up and reap all the benefits or work harder to get the same rewards.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this short overview about TemTem 1.0. If you need some help you can check out our new TemTem products.


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