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Buy Mystic Coin for GW2 or Guild Wars 2

You like to play Guild Wars 2 or you started again with the new expansion? You also want to buy the Mystic Coin for GW2 or Guild Wars 2? Then CoinLooting is the right place for you. We offer you the possibility to buy the Mystic Coin fast, secure and also cheap for all GW2 servers. So, the farming has finally come to an end. Please make sure that you enter your account name in the correct field. After your order the coins will be shipped within a few minutes. In some exceptional cases, however, it may take a little longer.

What is my advantage if I buy from you?

  • We offer you a secure processing of your order
  • Also, we always make sure that our farmers do not use any programs to farm the coins
  • You will find a variety of payment methods on CoinLooting
  • We are also available for you via e-mail or live chat for all your questions
  • We stand for quality and the security and satisfaction of our customers is very important to us

Why should I buy the Mystic Coin for Guild Wars 2?

The Mystic Coin is a popular currency in Guild Wars 2 (GW2). You will need it to craft high-level weapons (legendary). It can be exchanged for them at the Mystic Forge. You can earn them through daily quests. However, you get very few for them. Thus, it would take you a very long time to forge a legendary weapon. For this reason, we also offer you the possibility to easily buy the Mystic Coin for Guild Wars 2. This way you can craft all the items at the Mystic Forge without wasting a lot of time on farming beforehand.

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Guild Wars 2 Mystic Coin FAQ

Mystic Coins are delivered exclusively by mail. This is the most uncomplicated and also the safest way to deliver the coins. Usually we need only a few minutes for this. Feel free to contact us via live chat if you have any further questions.

We have farmers on all servers. These then play the Mystic Coins for GW2. We make sure that no software is used for this.


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