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The new Talent Trees in WoW Dragonflight

With the new expansion World of Warcraft Dragonflight, the new talent trees will be released. It is a complete revision of the “old” talent trees. How the new talent system looks like and which new changes are coming for you, you can find out here in this article. We have summarized all the important information for you briefly and concisely.

The new Structure of the Talent Trees in WoW Dragonflight

Are you familiar with the talent system from Shadowlands? Then you probably also know that the system doesn’t give you too many options to choose from. However, this will change significantly in the Dragonflight expansion. Not only will you get one new talent tree, but two. For each of these talent trees, you have several points available that you have to spend. A distinction is made between the following talent trees in WoW Dragonflight.

  • Your Class Talent Tree for e.g. Warrior, Mage, Druid etc.
  • Your Specialization Talent Tree for e.g. Frost Mage, Weapon Warrior or Tank Druid.

After each level up, you will receive more points that you can invest either in your Class or Specialization Talent Tree. You can invest your points in active and passive skills or in special skills. These are strong skills and require a certain distribution of points.

WoW Dragonflight new Talent Tree System

How do I get the Points for the new Talent System?

Just like in the last expansion, Dragonflight will also allow you to get your first talent point at level 10. However, you can only use this point for your Class Tree. After that, the points will always alternate between class and specialization talent trees for each level. So that means from level 11 you get a specialization talent point and from level 12 you get a class point again. At the maximum level of 70, you will have a total of 61 points that you can spend in your talent tree in WoW Dragonflight.

What about the PvP Talents in Dragonflight?

These are still available. To be able to use these talents, you have to activate the war mode beforehand. Then you can choose between your talents. You can only use these talents in PvP situations. So it still works the same way as it did in the last expansion, Shadowlands.

How do I navigate through the Talent Trees?

You start with the first point in your class tree at the top. From then on, you can spend one point at a time, moving further and further down your talent tree. Be aware that for certain talents you have to select some other talents first. So it’s best to always follow the lines. In addition, the talents are divided into three different categories. The first category is the top section. There you will find various standard skills that form the basis of your class or specialization. The second category is in the middle. Here you’ll find special abilities that change the way you play. In the last and also third category you will find powerful spells and abilities. So this includes powerful burst abilities.

Your goal should always be to get to category three of the talent tree in WoW Dragonflight as quickly as possible. This is usually where you’ll find the strongest abilities that give your class a significant advantage.

How does your Class play change in Dragonflight with the new Talent Trees?

With this new talent system, you’ll be able to personalize your class more precisely. You can distribute the points specifically and adapt them to your play style. The range of possibilities is significantly larger than in all previous expansions. For example, as a warrior tank, you can now tank with a two-handed sword and focus more on improving AoE damage. This is especially useful if your raid group needs a tank for the mobs. In the same way, you can also, for example, skill your warrior tank into an ultimate boss tank that is especially strong in single-target tanking. Or you just build a perfect skill for farming gold or M+ dungeons in Dragonflight.

So there will be many different ways to change your class. We recommend you to test some skill points and find your own play style that suits you and that you enjoy. You can also find numerous calculators for your talent trees in WoW Dragonflight on the Internet. Here you can test the different skills and their effects.

FAQ about the new Talent System in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

In this section we answer all questions about the new talent system in WoW Dragonflight. We have dealt with a wide variety of questions from the WoW community and have summarized the most important questions and answers for you.

How can I reset my talent points?

You can select your talents in WoW Dragonflight with a left click. With a right click you can simply deselect them again. However, if you want to reset your entire talent tree, you will find a “reset” button in the bottom corner. If you click on it, all your points from both talent trees will be reset. Afterwards you can distribute your points again, starting from the top.

At what level can I spend talent points or unlock the skill?

You will receive your first talent point in Dragonflight at level 10. Before that, you cannot distribute points or choose a specialization. After that, you will receive another talent point for each level up. At level 70 you have reached the maximum number of talent points.

Will the talents remain if I change my spec?

Yes, all your talents will remain when you change your spec in WoW Dragonflight. For example, you can easily switch between your tank and healer spec without resetting your talents. Also, for each specialization, the order of your abilities in the action bar remains. So you can switch back and forth as often as you like.

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