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Path of Exile Crucible League release and facts

One quarter has passed and in April 2023 we can expect the new Path of Exile Crucible League. More information about the release date and the league itself can be found in this article.

path of exile Crucible release date and facts

The release date of PoE Crucible is April 7, 2023 for the PC version and for console on April 12, 2023. The previous season (Sanctum) already ended on April 4, 2023. All characters will be back on the standard league from that point on.

In the new Crucible League you can expect numerous changes that make each season of Path of Exile so special. We will tell you exactly which ones in this article.

What can we expect in the new Crucible League?

Those who know the game PoE know that it is known for its extraordinary skill trees and possibilities. Each class can be completely individualized and the gameplay is unlike any other class. But the developers of Path of Exile have taken this a step further and introduced a new weapon skill system. With the Crucible League in Path of Exile, it will be possible to choose a passive skill tree for the respective weapon.

Additional skill points can be earned by gaining experience (e.g. killing enemies). The special thing about it is that if you die while killing the monsters, you can lose the entire progress of your weapon. The endgame consists of the Forge of Titans, where you can prove your strength in up to six portals. This forge allows you to merge different skill trees onto one weapon.

It is also already being discussed whether this game mechanic from the Crucible League should also be introduced as a core feature in the other leagues. However, this decision will be made at the end of the season. In any case, we are already excited and looking forward to the new Path of Exile Crucible League. As always, get ready and don’t neglect collecting orbs at the beginning of the league.

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