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Path of Exile 2 Beta Release

For quite some time, rumors and alleged leaks about the release date of the Path of Exile 2 beta have been circulating. Now we finally have more clarity, and a final release date for PoE 2 has been set. Many fans have been waiting for this moment and will mark this date on their calendars.

PoE (Path of Exile 2) Release Date

Path of Exile 2 Beta – A long way

The game PoE is one of the most successful free-to-play fantasy action role-playing games of all time. With the announcement of the second part of Path of Exile, the anticipation among the community was very high. However, shortly after this announcement, it became quite quiet about the second part of this game series.

Although there are still more seasons in development for PoE, many players can hardly wait for the release of the PoE 2 beta. Recently, enormous achievements have been made with the Expedition League.

PoE 2 Beta still in 2023

Details about the release date of the PoE 2 beta were mentioned in passing. During an interview with a developer about the current PoE League, he briefly talked about the development phase of Path of Exile 2. According to this, an exact date for the beta will be announced in 2023 at the end of July. The beta of Path of Exile 2 will also be available for testing at ExileCon 2023 in New Zealand. However, if you don’t want to travel that far, you can also play the beta at E3 or Gamescom.

The beta will probably be released a bit later than the release of Diablo 4, in order to pick up more players. We will keep you up to date and will inform you about further news regarding PoE 2.

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