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Flyff Universe – Flyff Catcher System/Collector explained

Today we explain the Flyff Catcher System. There are always people asking: “What are these weird giants that somehow don’t fit into the world of Flyff Universe at all?” These giants are called Catchers.

Flyff Collector

Where to find the Catchers?

There are 4 of these Catchers:

  • Erons Catcher in Flaris
  • Krasec Catcher in Saint Morning, Darkon 3
  • Mine Catcher in Garden of Rhisis
  • Guru Catcher in Darkon 1 & 2, Darkon 3.

All Catchers are also in Darkon 3 again. So in Darkon 3 there are simply all of them. And what are these Flyff Catcher exactly? They are special monsters that don’t attack, they all have 100,000 life. You have to do 100,000 damage to them so they’re defeated. When they are defeated, you need a Collector, which you can buy from the general store dealer (Achaben, Tandy, Lui, Bill, Yuna).


How to use the collector?

When you have such a collector, there is a button on the O key that says “Use Collector”. If you kill one of these catchers and it is lying on the ground, you can suck it in the Collector and get materials. These materials, you need to upgrade items and indeed for almost all upgrades. An exception would be for example jewelry, there you don’t need any materials.

Flyff Collector on Catcher

What’s a bit annoying is that there are of course not an infinite number of these catchers. That means you have to search a bit on different channels. In addition, the flyff catcher are distributed over the entire map, which means that you can find them everywhere. Because the materials are relatively annoying to get and only a few people want to farm it themselves, the flyff penya price on the market for it is relatively high.


Can the collector be broken when upgrading?

For the highest collector level the number of materials is 101, for other collectors it is less. If you have the worst collector, it is 30-40. You can also upgrade the collector with Power Dice 8 or Power Dice 10, but it can NOT be broken.

To upgrade the Collector, simply double click on Power Dice and then click on the Collector. This is also an extremely common question that comes up.


What is the benefit of upgrading the Collector?

Just like in Flyff BC, does it reduce the time of the Collect? That is, if the collector is +0, it takes longer than if the collector is +5. So you just save a lot of time collecting and farming.

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