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Metin2 Pet-System explained

This article is about the metin2 Pet System.

A pet can have different properties. Among other things, there is the pet type from 1 to 8. Pets have a level and are leveled with you normally, in addition, each pet also has an age. There is also a duration. That means you have to feed it, so it doesn’t die. You can also develop a pet. From level 40 to level 80 and then again to heroic. And there are the different bonuses it can have, namely TP, defense and MP and additionally at the end also the different skills that can have special specializations, depending on what kind of pet you have. I will go into all of that in this article.

metin2 pet


Pet Level

We start with the level, the metin2 pet can, if it is called by you, gain experience with you. That means it only gets experience if you get experience yourself. It is important to say that it does not steal your experience points, but simply collects them. You can see in the display, there are four red balls and one blue ball. The red balls are the normal experience points, that is, they just collect normally. And the blue ball is the so-called item EXP or item experience and these correspond to the sales value at the general merchant, for example, two metin2 Yang = one experience point, which means you have to feed the pet regularly with various weapons, equipment, jewelry, etc.. This will fill up that blue orb, which is the prerequisite for leveling up the Pet. That’s why, for example, pet food from the grotto or from grotto 3 is so extremely valuable, such as 70 weapons, because the cost of the Gemi relatively much Yang and accordingly give them as pet food extremely much experience.


Pet Evolution Levels

At some point you will notice that your pet does not level up any further from level 40. Then there are the different evolutionary levels. That means your pet can be young, wild, brave and heroic. These different jumps it then gets from 40, that is from 1 to 40 you can pull through with the leveling. From level 40 you have to feed it with the different materials, so that it jumps on wild. From level 41 to 80 it is still wild and from 80 you can bring it to the next evolution level, to brave. Here you also have to feed it with the next materials. Between 80 and 105 it is then brave. To reach the last level you have to feed it again with the necessary materials. The last level is actually the goal of a pet, so that it can get the various skills from heroic. It can only have skills from heroic on.


Pet default values

We continue with the standard values of the pet (TP, defense and MP). Each pet gets different default values when it is incubated. These are usually between 0.1 and 2.3% for TP, 0.1 to 2% for defense and 0.1 to 2% for MP. These improve depending on what type of PET you have received, that is, the improvements then jump higher in the different levels, as you can see in the table.


Bonus Startboni
TP Max. + 0,1% to 2,3%
Verteidigung Max. + 0,1% to 2,0%
MP Max. + 0,1% to 2,0%


Pet-Type 2, 4, 6 und 8

Bonus all x Level Mode improvement
TP 5 consistent (± 0,1) + 0,1% bis 0,7%
Defense 7 consistent (± 0,1) + 0,1% bis 0,6%
MP 4 consistent (± 0,1) + 0,1% bis 0,6%


Pet-Typen 1, 3, 5 und 7

Bonus all x Level Mode improvement
TP 6 random + 0,1% bis 1,0%
Defense 8 random + 0,1% bis 0,6%
MP 6 random + 0,1% bis 1,1%


It is also important to note that the older your metin2 pet is, the higher jumps it will make. There are different theories and different age limits, which it must have reached, so that it receives a higher jump. From 800 days old your pet has reached the maximum age. And it doesn’t matter if it is 2000 days old or 3000 days old, from 800 days on it makes the maximum jumps. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to age your pet to 800 days first.


Pet types

I have mentioned the metin2 PET types several times now. There are types 1 to 8. 1 to 6 you can reach if you hatch normally. That means just open the egg, then you get a random pet type between 1 and 6. Seven and eight can only be reached if you turn the pet. But here is also to say, not all pets can reach seven and eight. That means if you have a few, it’s already good. Otherwise, if you want to have a higher one, then you have to see if your Pet can reach that. The higher the pet type, the better you can increase the TP, defense and MP.


How do you get the pet skills to maximum?

Fortunately, it’s a little easier with the metin2 PET skills. There are a bunch of different skills. Any pet can read and learn any skill and get to level 20. This is doable with clicking up and investing yang. The important thing here is, different Pets can achieve different specializations. First, the pet must have a high level, so best level 103-105 and the highest values can only be achieved if it is minimum pet type 5. That means, for the skills it doesn’t matter if your Pet is type 5, 6, 7 or 8. The skills remain the same and can be maximized even with pet type five. Below is a table of the specializations:

Skills Table:

Skill Book Skill description
Resistance (Warrior) Resistance (Warrior) Resistance to Warrior attacks (passive)
Resistance (Sura) Resistance (Sura) Resistance to Sura attacks (passive)
Resistance (Ninja) Resistance (Ninja) Resistance to Ninja attacks (passive)
Resistance (Shaman) Resistance (Shaman) Resistance to Shaman attacks (passive)
Resistance (Lycan) Resistance (Lycan) Resistance to Lycan attacks (passive)
Berserker Berserker Book Attack value increased (passive)
Anti-Magic Anti-Magic Book Reduce enemy magic resistance (passive)
Haste Haste Book Skill cooldown reduced (passive)
Drill Drill Book Increased chance of piercing hits (passive)
Restoration Restoration Book HP will be restored as soon as it drops below 20%
Vampirism Vampirism Book Leech HP from the enemy (passive)
Spiritualism Spiritualism Book Leech SP from the enemy (passive)
Bulwark Bulwark Book Physical damage is blocked (passive)
Reflection Reflection Book Damage taken is reflected back at the enemy (passive)
Yang Drop Yang Drop Book Yang drop rate is increased (passive)
Range Range Book Range of your bow is increased (passive)
Immortal Immortal Book Chance of temporary invincibility
Panacea Panacea Book Chance to remove bleeding, slow and poison effects
Light as a Feather Light as a Feather Book After learning this skill, your pet has the Feather Walk hability.
Eagle Eyes Eagle Eyes Book After learning this skill, your pet increases the EXP you gain.
Master Brewer Master Brewer Book After learning this skill, your pet increases the effectiveness of regeneration potions.
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter Book After learning this skill, your pet increases the effectiveness of strength against monsters.
Life Drain Life Drain Book After learning this skill, your pet gives you the hability to absorb HP from monsters killed.

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