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What happens to my old account and skins in Overwatch 2?

Are you wondering what will happen to your old Overwatch account and skins? Blizzard finally gives the all-clear. All skins and other unlocked elements will be transferred to Overwatch 2. Since there will be no Lootboxes in Overwatch 2 either, we recommend you to open all your Lootboxes before the release. However, it is still questionable what will happen to the credits in Overwatch 2. This is the currency that you can use to buy various skins or sprays in the original Overwatch. These credits will probably be automatically exchanged for the new currency. However, this is not sure for now.

Overwatch 2 what happens to my gold account and skins

The new Level-System in Overwatch 2

In addition, players will have to completely give up their hard-grinded levels in October for the release. Blizzard is thus completely reworking the old level system from the ground up. The levels as we know them from the original OW title will no longer exist from then on. This level system will be replaced by a Battle Pass. There will still be levels, but they will no longer be visible to other players. Skins and other rewards will only be unlocked via the Battle Pass and not via Lootboxes. We are also going to lose the level portrait borders. How the whole thing will be implemented, however, is still questionable. In any case, Blizzard is already planning a new system to replace the old one. With it, the levels are to be transferred to the new system.

The Machtmaking-Ranking

The current matchmaking ranking of your account will also be transferred to the new version. The intention is to make sure that the balancing is right, especially for the release in October. Otherwise, beginners would have to compete against absolute professionals. This would not be fair to new players from Blizzard’s point of view. Thus, Blizzard ensures a skill-based matchmaking at the beginning.

What do you think about the fact that pretty much everything from your account from the original Overwatch will be carried over into the second part? Would you have preferred a complete fresh start for everyone?

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