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EFT – Best Escape from Tarkov tips and tricks

In this guide, we have summarized a few EFT tips and tricks that can help you become a better player in Escape from Tarkov.


Tip 1

You can instantly scroll to the top or bottom of your stash by pushing Page Up or Page Down. If you click and hold an item, it will move with you.

Tip 2

After a new wipe, you’ll have to examine a ton of items. Rather than right clicking and choosing Examine, just press your middle mouse button over the item.

Tip 3

Turn your interface volume down to 20 or 30. This will decrease all kinds of UI noises, including the clicking sound of loading magazines, and you’ll hear things around you much better.

Tip 4

One of my favourite EFT tips and tricks has to do with your GPU. If you have an Nvidia GPU, right click your desktop and open the Nvidia control panel, under Display, select Adjust Desktop color settings under the Gamma slider, increase your gamma anywhere between 1.2 and 1.5, depending on your preference. This will brighten up dark areas in Tarkov without washing out the image.

eft settings

Tip 5

If you’re in a hallway stalemate and have a flashlight equipped on your gun, use Alt + S to lean your gun around the corner, with the flashlight engaged, your enemy will think you’re peaking and will usually spray the door frame, then push them when he reloads.

Tip 6

When taking fire from a sniper, look down at the ground while you run for cover. This will maximize the chance that a round will hit your helmet and hopefully ricochet rather than hit your face.

Tip 7

Regardless of what anyone tells you, upgrading and using your hideout to craft items will almost always make you more money in the long run than if you decided not to.

Tip 8

To avoid seeing sold out offers on the Flea Market, set the minimum quantity to one on your flea market preferences.

Tip 9

When you die, don’t pay therapist to heal you. Instead, heal yourself in the hideout from a Grizzly Medical bag. You’ll gain a little XP each time, and I think it’s cheaper too.

Tip 10

Ammunition types and varieties can be extremely confusing when you’re new to the game. Bookmark NoFoodAfterMidnight’s Ammo chart to easily see how effective different rounds are against different classes of armor, as well as their damage and a bunch of other useful stats. You can find a link to this chart by clicking HERE.

Tip 11

Repairing guns and armor will count towards the money you’ve spent with a specific trader. This is very helpful with skier in particular, so if you’re struggling to hit the money requirements to level up a trader, try repairing your items with that trader.

Tip 12

While healing or performing surgery, you can reload your gun without any animations. While in a healing or surgery animation, right click a full magazine and select Install. It will instantly load a full magazine in your gun. You don’t need to play an entire healing animation. While healing press left mouse as soon as you see the experience gained for healing, and it will cancel the animation early, but you will almost always get the full amount of health. This is particularly useful for the Grizzly Medical Kit, which has a super long animation.

Tip 13

Keep in mind that if you cancel the heel early with a Grizzly, it will not heal status effects such as bleeds or fractures.

Tip 14

Your character dies instantly if your head or thorax is below zero HP when receiving damage, regardless of the health of your other limbs. If you’re hurt, prioritize healing your head or thorax first by dragging your medical item to these body parts. Then you can heal normally after that.

Tip 15

All guns have less accuracy and more bullet spread the lower its condition is. They’re also more prone to experience malfunctions. If accuracy and reliability matter to you, try not to heavily modify Scaveguns and purchase a new gun instead.

Tip 16

When browsing the flea market, you can return to your stash just by hitting tab. When you select the flea market again, you’ll return to whatever you were previously looking at.

Tip 17

If you’re having a hard time with PvP or want to avoid PvP as much as possible, select a server from the launcher that has an acceptable ping that is not a major population center. While not guaranteed, you’ll often get lobbies that are not full.

eft ping server

Tip 18

And lastly, there is no right or wrong way to play Tarkov. You can do all the quests in the game, get Kappa and run Meta guns, and you can also ignore quests and just play maps you enjoy or use guns that you like.


And the most important of all EFT tips and tricks: Don’t compare yourself to other players and just enjoy the game the way that you want to enjoy it.

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