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EFT – Successful start after the WIPE

In this article we explain what to consider after an EFT wipe, so that you can get a good start after the wipe.

Start EFT Game without waiting

After the wipe we have to change a few settings before we start the game. First we start the BattleState Games Launcher. Click on the server selection at the bottom and choose every server that has less than 100 milliseconds ping. The queue time, i.e. the matching time, plays absolutely no role in this case. At the beginning of the EFT Wipe all servers will be full and we want to avoid matching times of 9 to 10 minutes. Not because we lack players, but because the servers are full.


And there, it is always a very, very good tip to select all servers, just under 100 milliseconds. Because then we have the fast matching times, then we get to the server where there is currently a free spot. With the auto queue you have to wait forever until you get into the game.

Looting Keys

Next we look at what you can do when you are in the game. First of all we want to lay a good foundation for the complete EFT wipe over the whole patch cycle. So, everything that comes after the patch until the next wipe. Since we have a lot of quests on customs, we start by looting all the jackets on customs in dorms of 3 to collect an extremely large number of keys. Not just to collect these keys, but because many of the keys are worth a lot of money.

For example, the Checkpoint Key gives 50,000 at the Therapist. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a decent amount at the beginning of the wipe. Furthermore, we need all the keys for a lot of initial quests. Keys like Maschinery Key or Unknown Key have a fixed spawn. We always find them there. But other keys, like 206 for the water quest of Therapist or the Customs Office Key, we don’t find 100%. And then we have a good chance to find them in the jackets of the 3 dorms.


Getting through quests quickly

Quests that could hold us back would be that we have to hand in gas analyzers or USB sticks and finding them is often not too easy. That’s where we combine with the above tip now and that’s the jackets in the 3 Dorms. And if we’re already in the room, we can also go through all the filing cabinets and find USB sticks or gas analyzers. You need them for Therapist and we should find them as soon as possible, otherwise we won’t get any further. That’s why these two items are extremely important.

So now we have a very good basic framework, so that we can make decent progress with the quests. Then the next thing we need is decent ammo and decent weapons. This is where it pays to hunt down Reshala. He and his Guards have super strong weapons with them just for the beginning of the EFT Wipe. So if we find BT ammo without end here and the AK 74 the Guards have with them, then we are super super well positioned here. Also the AK 101, which Reshala himself can have with him, is super strong. Even playable with M855 from Peacekeeper Level 1. Furthermore, he has a bunch of grenades with him. We can use those as well.

Spend your EFT Rouble

Now to the next point. You don’t have to be a billionaire, it won’t do you any good to have 10 million or more in your stash. Doesn’t get you anything at the beginning of the wipe. Spend your EFT Rouble, buy stuff so you can go into the raid to be as well equipped as possible, and build out your hideout so you can get there. Your Hideout. This is super important, especially in the beginning. Then you’ll have more of it for a long time, you’ll be able to benefit from your upgraded hideout longer, you’ll be able to craft better ammo faster than others, and you’ll just be better off. I always do it like this, everything I have over 2.5 or 3 million, I put it all into the Hideout, no matter what it costs. You won’t need much more money right after the wipe.

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