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PoE – How to make money in Path of Exile

In this article we would like to introduce you to ways you could make PoE money in the endgame of PoE.

Juicy Maps

Juicy refers to filling up the maps with as many monsters as possible while increasing the quantity of drops, which leads to more loot in the maps in general. How high the quantity of drops is on a map is related to its modifiers. The more, the better, but also the more difficult.

So how do you juice the maps? Basically, you take everything you can get. First of all, you look for a high-tier map of your choice, with a drop rate of at least 85%. Then you add four scarabs of your choice, which have different effects depending on the type. So you can add additional Elder or Shaper monsters to your maps and add Legion or Breach fights. All this increases the number of monsters on the map and therefore the potential loot. If you run out of scarabs, it’s actually worth buying them as well. At least if you use them effectively and don’t just randomly pack one in.

Farming Bosses

While you are mapping, the conquerors will spawn and you can fight them. This guarantees you a certain additional PoE money income. But you can also specialize in the conquerors, for example by just quickly running to finish T14 maps to spawn and kill the conquerors as fast as possible.

The purpose of all this is to get special loot from the conquerors. In addition to the conquerors and specific, sublime spheres also drop the awakened supports every now and then, which are either worth next to nothing or are worth extremely much. Sirus himself then also has loot with the sphere of awakening and his special guardian stones that you can put in the atlas instead of your normal stone. These stones also have special mods that add more monsters to your maps. The Conquerors aren’t the only bosses in the endgame, though. We still have the Creator with his four protectors and the Elder with his four protectors. The higher the awakening level of your Atlas, the greater the chance that map bosses will drop maps that each hold one of the different protectors. If you then kill them, you will always receive a fragment.



As you can imagine, with the four fragments of the creator protectors you get to the creator fight and with the four fragments of the oldest protectors you get to the oldest fight. Especially the oldest fight is worth mentioning again, because here the unique Watchers Egg, i.e. Eye of the Watcher Jewel drops, which is used with the appropriate mods in almost every build. But that’s still not it on the subject of bosses.

The Creator and the Elder each drop one of two possible fragments again. Once you have the four different ones again, you come to the absolute and in my opinion best boss fight in Path of Exile the Uber Elder, in which you virtually fight the Creator and the Elder at the same time. Again, this potentially drops an Eye of the Guardian jewel and this version can even have three different mods. Even if you don’t identify these jewels, they are worth a lot. If you’re very lucky and you get, say, two mods that boost you if you have a certain aura, there can be a lot of PoE money in there. But you can also be unlucky and get mods that are absolutely useless. So whether you identify the jewel or not is entirely up to you.


At this point it should be said that it is also worthwhile to simply buy the individual fragments and then kill the boss right away, instead of farming the fragments yourself in the hope that the particularly valuable one will drop.

You can also buy those special maps with the protectors and then sell the fragments. It’s actually always the case that the fragment that drops at the Creator for the Uber Elder, for example, is worth more than the four fragments you needed to access the Creator. So just by fighting the battle, you’ve already made a profit, even if nothing else drops. The same goes for the blighted maps, the infested maps with this great tower defense mechanic. Instead of laboriously farming them yourself, you can just buy them and run right away.

I would consecrate them with three light blue oils beforehand so they give more loot at the end.

Deep Delving

Next up is deep delving, which is the really deep grind in the mine, and deep here means a depth beyond 1500. This doesn’t mean that the mine isn’t worthwhile in the higher areas like 200 and such. Deep delving is simply another method of getting PoE money. The reason why some players go so deep is that all these meaningless points that give you armor or weapons are getting rarer and rarer, and instead points that give you maps and fossils, for example, are appearing more and more often.

Getting this far down is no walk in the park, though. The monsters get stronger and stronger as you go deeper, and they can withstand more. Players who are really deep at 3000, 5000 and even deeper have very special builds designed for deep delving. These have almost no life and are all about damage and evasion. Apparently, no matter how good your defense is, you still get get one shot at these depths. So you might as well forgo defense and specialize in damage and dodging to avoid everything and better yet kill everything first. As you can imagine, this style of play is associated with a lot of deaths.

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