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Star Citizen – Is the new patch 3.18 a failure?

With patch 3.18, the developers of Star Citizen have released a major update, which has caused some unrest in recent days. This update was announced as the next big update with numerous changes. However, it came to some unexpected problems. We’ll show you which problems these are today in this article.

Star Citizen new Patch 3.18 problems

The new changes

The new patch has promised many players numerous changes. These include, for example, new spaceships like the Drake Vulture. But also various visual improvements have found their way into the game. For example, biomix objects now look even better and there are significantly more rivers and lakes in the game. This makes the different planets look even more natural and alive. By Star Citizen standards, these are correspondingly big changes.

What are the issues with the new patch 3.18?

Since the release date on March 10, 2023, there have been quite a few server performance issues. Many players complain that they cannot get into the game. So, entering the game world was not possible because of the server problems. The developers promised to tackle this problem, but it still persists. The disappointment of the community is great and also justified. Especially since the Star Citizen project is a crowdfunding project and was financed with over 500 million US dollars. Therefore, many negative comments from disappointed players can be read on Reddit. Unfortunately, the fans are waiting in vain for an official statement from the developers. So far, there is no official status report about the server performance or an expected date when players will be able to play again.

Even though Star Citizen is still in the alpha phase, such problems should not exist in a project that has raised over $500 million. What the future of Star Citizen will look like now and whether some players will quit now is questionable.

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