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New World Fishing Guide

New World Fishing Guide

Ever since its release by the Amazon games, New World has created quite a hype among gamers and is one of the most frequently played role-playing games. Along with many other side activities offered in this game, including hunting, mining, and harvesting, fishing is also provided. These side activities help you gain more XP and New World Coins that support specific missions in your game and allow you to buy items and products that you want to.

Undoubtedly, fishing is an excellent New World Gold Coins source, especially when you can catch rare fish. You can even use the fish you noticed for the food, but it can also be traded for coins. Although fishing in New World is not a highly complex task, you will require some items, including a fishing rod and bait (that varies with the type of habitat you are fishing in). Below, we have provided enough information and a detailed guide on fishing in the New World.

New World Fishing Guide

Equip yourself with the Necessary Components Required for Fishing:

As mentioned above, you will require a fishing rod and an appropriate bait to start fishing in New World. So, before digging into the new world fishing guide, let’s figure out how you can get both of these items in the game. Without a fishing pole, there is no chance that you can fish and bait also adds to efficiency in fishing in New World.

1.      Getting a Fishing Rod/Pole in New World:

A wooden pole or a rod is provided to the player by Master Fisher Michael Shield through the beginner’s quest. For this, you will have to go to Master Fisher Michael, who will be present in Windsward at the Broad Fishing Hotspot. After you have located him, you will have to accept his quest, and after you have completed the task, you will be rewarded with a wooden fishing pole.

Moreover, you can also engineer yourself a new fishing pole or modify the previous one using a workshop in the game’s settlement. You will need to plan a new fishing pole is the recipe that may differ according to the type of rods. You might not require any additional XPs for this task, nor will you get engineering XPs for making these fishing poles. Another way of getting a fishing pole is by buying it from the trading post. You can get more information on fishing poles and how to make them here.

New World Fishing Poles

2.      Getting a Bait in New World:

Although you can do the fishing in New World even without a bait, that cut down your possibility to catch something rare and exciting.  With a bait, you get exciting bonuses depending upon how rare and superior quality fish you catch. It also makes the whole fishing process a lot more enjoyable and exciting.

To get a bait in the game, you will have to press on the ‘equip bait’ option while you hold your fishing pole. A window will appear on your screen from which you will have to choose the particular bait you want.

New World Fishing Bait

There are two different types of baits concerning the habitat you are fishing in.

  • Fresh Water Baits – for the habitats that come under “inner waters,” including rivers, swamps, and lakes, the freshwater baits are suitable.
  • Salt Water Baits – for larger water bodies like seas and oceans, saltwater baits are the best ones.

If you have chosen the wrong bait, you don’t have to worry, as you can replace your bait and get a new one by pressing the same ‘equip bait’ option. Keep in mind that choosing the wrong bait for the habitat you are fishing in might not benefit you in any way.

Location of the Baits:

Now that you are aware of the importance of a bait and how it can dramatically increase your chances of catching a more valuable fish, you might be wondering where to get one. Usually, in the New World’s settlement, the baits are located in the Bulrush or Briar bushes. These bushes are located near the water bodies and also surround the lakes.

New World Fishing Baits Location

Variety of Fishes in The New World’s Environment:

Below is a list of some of the fishes you will encounter while fishing in the New World’s settlement.

  • Piranha
  • Salmon
  • Catfish
  • Dragon Fish
  • Aquatic Snail
  • Tadpoles

New World Fishes

The quality of fish you catch determines the amount of New World Coin or Coins you will get for it. Undoubtedly, many of these fishes enable you to get several New World Gold Coins while trading.

 Fishing Technique to Follow in New World:

The fishing procedure of the New World consists of three different steps, including casting, hooking, and reeling in. This fishing technique is simple and very effective if you have chosen the right bait for the procedure.  Below is the detailed description of each of the step separately that is involved in the fishing;

1.      Casting

After you are ready, holding your fishing rod or bait, now is the time to move onto the next step, which is casting.  For casting to start, you will have to press the ‘cast’ key. As you will press this key, you will see an animation of your character preparing for the process. Along with this animation, you will also see a casting range indicator that will help you choose the distance of your casting.

By holding the cast key, you can control the distance and the casting range. The length of the casting depends upon how long you press the cast key. Therefore, press the cast button according to the casting range that you require. It is not necessary that you have to cast a more extensive range every time for better results.

New World Fishing - Hooking

2.      Hooking

Once you have done a successful casting and your line is in the water, now you will have to wait until you see the floating icon on your screen. The whole hooking process depends upon this icon as you will have to wait till a green indicator starts showing on the outer circle of the icon. This green loading indicator means that you have a fish on your line. So, after you have the fish on your line, you have to hook it as soon as possible before the expiry of the green indicator. After hooking, if the floating icon starts glowing with a tick, it means that you have successfully hooked a fish in your line.

3.      Reeling In

After hooking, you will have a fish on your line, and the next step is reeling it in. On the contrary to casting and catching, reeling in might be the most complicated step and might require your attention. While spinning, it is necessary to keep an eye on the tension indicator. If the indicator is green, that means that you are doing it right, but if the indicator turns orange, you will have to lower the tension or slow down, or else the line might break. This video might help you in understanding the fishing technique of the New World.

New World Fishing Reeling in

Discover Fishing Hotspots:

As long as you continue to practice fishing in the New World, the Fishing Profession experience will be added to your profile. The increment in your skill depends on how frequently you practice fishery or how many fish you catch. The higher your skill becomes, you will be able to discover various fishing hotspots. These hotspots allow you to acquire a rare fish easily and more frequently. These hotspots are the places where your bite speed is boosted as well.

New World Fishing Hotspots

Increasing the Skill and Efficiency in Fishing in New World:

Fishing is challenging and fun and allows you to gain XP and New World Gold Coins that will help you play the game efficiently and improve your professional skills. Below are some of the factors that might help you in increasing your professional skills and efficiency in fishing in the New World;

·         Consider using an efficient bait:

If you want to catch a rare fish, you must choose an effective bait to assist you in the process. Undoubtedly, as promised by the game, a bait helps you catch more fish and gain more XP. Therefore, if you want to rank faster in fishing, you should consider using an effective bait. But it is also necessary to check what type of bait you are suing in which environment. If you use saltwater bait in a lake, you will not see any considerable changes or efficiency in catching the fish. An efficient bait provides great help at hooking more fish and also the rare ones.

·         Fish in deep depths of the water:

If you want a dramatic increase in your fishing ranks, consider fishing in water with deep depths with the help of fishing bait. This doesn’t apply to the fishing hotspots, but if you are not aware of the hotspots or don’t have access, you should fish in the deep water rather than the shallow water. Although you cannot find any deep water, you can go for surface water but keep in mind that it won’t help with your efficiency or ranking as deepwater does. Also, it is proven that fishing in deep water takes almost ten times lesser time than that in shallow water. And if you are not using bait, this time can vary accordingly. So, if you want to gain XP immediately and rank up faster, get your bait and cast it into the deepest waters.

New World Fishing deep water

·         Cast at the shortest distance:

Another factor that can help you increase or even maximize your fishing ability is to cast your line at the shortest distance so that you will not waste any time while throwing it out. Saving this time will help you catch more fish at a particular time.

·         Keep the indicator in the green zone:

As we have discussed earlier, the importance of the indicator is to remain green while reeling the fish in. Make sure that you maximize the green indicator time as much as you can for improved efficiency. Keep on repeating the green part of the indicator, and do not let it turn orange at any cost.

How to fish in New World

Catching more Rare Fishes:

Catching rare fishes adds to New World Coins, helps you gain XPs, and adds to your skills. Various common, uncommon, and rare fishes can be seen in the New World’s settlement that provides different rewards. Then more fishes or the rarer you catch, the more XPs you will get and more coins while trading.

As it is pretty clear that the rare fishes tend to provide the most significant reward than any other fish, it is necessary to target them. Some of the rare fishes found in the New World’s environment that help you earn a couple of New World Gold Coins include Piranha, Dragonfish, Albenaja, and many more. Want to catch a large salmon? Here is a guide for you.

To catch rarer fishes, you can consider buying more effective baits and fish in waters with deep depths. Fishing in deep depths or fishing hotspots dramatically increases catching rare fish or larger fishes altogether.

New World Fishing Rare Fishes

Sum Up:

Fishing is an enjoyable and exciting side activity that the New World settlement has to offer. When fed up with completing missions or fighting, you can relax and gain some reward and New World Gold Coins from this activity without putting in much effort. As fishing poles and baits are readily available and you can also create one for yourself in the workshop without spending any of your coins, this side activity is not complex like others and is also exciting.

When you have gained some skills in fishing, and you are catching rare fishing or larger fishes frequently, you can put them on trading and earn a good amount of money in the New World. Make sure that you go through all the instructions regarding the technique and what adds to the skills and efficiency of the activity to get better results. And with this, start this fascinating fishing journey in your favorite game now!

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