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WOTLK Classic Engineering Guide

WOTLK Classic Engineering Guide

If you’re enjoying World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic, then you’ve probably looked over the list of 11 different professions you can train your character in. These professions range in functions from Mining to Jewelcrafting, Herbalism, and much more. However, there is one profession that is clearly superior to the others for a number of reasons, and that profession is Engineering. This is a profession that starts out incredibly useful and becomes something that is nearly indispensable for many playstyles in both PvP and PvE.

When you’re attempting to reach the max level in the Engineering profession, it might be helpful to have some guidance on how to progress through those 450 levels. If you’re seeking that knowledge, just read on to peruse this WOTLK Classic Engineering Guide!

The Benefits of Being an Engineer

Like all professions, choosing to level yourself as an Engineer entitles you to quite a few bonuses, including some very impressive enchants that are unique to Engineering. It is worth noting though, that these unique enchants cannot be stacked with your standard array of enchants.

Mind Amplification Dish

Attaches a small dish to your helmet that gives you an extra 45 stamina and gives you a chance to mind control enemies.

Nitro Boosts

Bolts boosters to your boots that allow you to run much faster for 5 seconds and add 24 points to your critical strike.

Springy Arachnoweave

Adds springy Arachnoweave to your cloak, allowing you to use it as a parachute to fall safely for 30 seconds and adds 27 points to spell power.

Flexweave Underlay

Also allows you to use a parachute for 30 seconds but adds 23 points to agility.

Reticulated Armor Webbing

Adds 885 points to armor and attaches to gloves.

Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket

Exactly what it sounds like. Fires a rocket that can deal up to 2020 fire damage. It has a 45-second cooldown between uses.

Hyperspeed Accelerators

Attaches accelerators to your gloves and increase haste by 340 points for 12 seconds. Has a one-minute cooldown.

Frag Belt

Allows you to throw a Cobalt Frag Bomb once every 6 minutes.

Personal Electromagnetic Pulse Generator

Attaches a device to your belt that can confuse mechanical beings once activated. Requires high engineering skills to activate.

Engineering Gadgets and Weapons

Aside from the unique enchants, the other reason you might want to level Engineering is to gain access to the awesome craftables the profession gets. Here are a few of those.


An incredibly helpful robot butler who can appear for up to 10 minutes (presumably until his batteries run out). He can perform tasks such as buying, selling, and most importantly, repairing gear. Has a 1-hour cooldown.


This is a portable mailbox that can be used for 10 minutes. Has a 2-hour cooldown.

Armor Plated Combat Shotgun

Does 181 – 337 damage and gives +42 stamina.

Nesingwary 4000

Does 254 – 472 damage.

Flying Machine Control

A flying mount that can only be used in Outland or Northrend. Also has a much faster version called the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine Control

Leveling Materials

If you want to breeze through all 450 levels of the Engineering profession, then you’re probably going to want to spend some time gathering up all of the materials you’ll need beforehand. Here is an approximate list of everything you will need.

Level 1-300

Level 300-350

Level 350-400

Steel Bar (x4)

Mote of Fire (x20)

Eternal Shadow (x7)

Silver Bar (x5)

Mote of Earth (x40)

Frostweave Cloth (x7)

Moss Agate (x10)

Adamantite Bar (x40)

Borean Leather (x14)

Medium Leather (x15)

Netherweave Cloth (x70)

Crystallized Fire (x15)

Mageweave Cloth (x20)

Fel Iron Bar (x70)

Crystallized Water (x68)

Weak Flux (x25)

Cobalt Bar (x280)

Heavy Stone (x30)

Saronite Bar (x555)

Runecloth (x35)

Linen Cloth (x50)

Wool Cloth (x60)

Dense Stone (x60)

Rough Stone (x60)

Coarse Stone (x60)

Copper bar (x66)

Bronze Bar (x110)

Solid Stone (x120)

Thorium Bar (x135)

Mithril Bar (x170)

WOTLK Classic Engineering Guide

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for: the WOTLK Classic Engineering Guide for leveling! This guide will take you step by step for each group of levels and show you what you need to craft, how many times, and the correct ingredients for those recipes. Let’s begin!




Apprentice Inscription


Rough Blasting Powder (x60)

Rough Stone (x60)


Handful of Copper Bolts (x30)

Copper Bar (x60)


Arclight Spanner (x1)

Copper Bar (x6)


Rough Copper Bomb (x30)

Copper Bar (x30), Handful of Copper Bolts (x30) Rough Blasting Powder (x60), Linen Cloth (x30)

Journeyman Engineering


Coarse Blasting Powder (X60)

Course Stone (x60)


Coarse Dynamite (x20)

Coarse Blasting Powder (x60), Linen Cloth (x20)


Silver Contact (x5)

Silver Bar (x5)


Bronze Tube (x25)

Bronze Bar (x50), Weak Flux (x25)


Standard Scope (x10)

Bronze Tube (x10), Moss Agate (x10)

Expert Engineering


Heavy Blasting Powder (x30)

Whirring Bronze Gizmo (x15)

Heavy Stone (x30)

Bronze Bar (x30), Wool Cloth (x15)


Bronze Framework (x15)

Bronze Bar (x30), Medium Leather (x15), Wool Cloth (x15)


Explosive Sheep (x15)

Heavy Blasting Powder (x30), Whirring Bronze Gizmo (x15), Bronze Framework (x15), Wool Cloth (x30)


Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor (x1)

Steel Bar (x4)


Solid Blasting Powder (x60)

Solid Stone (x120)


Mithril Tube (x7)

Mithril Bar (x7)

Artisan Engineering


Unstable Trigger (x20)

Mithril Bar (x20), Mageweave Cloth (x20), Solid Blasting Powder (x20)


Mithril Casing (x40)

Mithril Bar (x120)


Hi-Explosive Bomb (x20)

Mithril Casing (x40), Unstable Trigger (x20), Solid Blasting Powder (x40)


Dense Blasting Powder (x30)

Dense Stone (x60)


Thorium Widget (x35)

Thorium Bar (x105), Runecloth (x35)


Thorium Shells (x15)

Thorium Bar (x30), Dense Blasting Powder (x15)

Master Engineering


Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (x40)

Elemental Blasting Powder (x20)

Fel Iron Casing (x10)

Fel Iron Bar (x40),

Mote of Fire (x20), Mote of Earth (x40)

Fel Iron Bar (x30)


Fel Iron Bomb (x10)

Fel Iron Casing (x10), Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (x20), Elemental Blasting Powder (x10)


Adamantite Grenade (x10)

Adamantite Bar (x40), Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (x20), Elemental Blasting Powder (x10)


White Smoke Flare (x60)

Elemental Blasting Powder (x60), Netherweave Cloth (x60)

WOTLK Classic Engineering


Handful of Cobalt Bolts (x35)

Volatile Blasting Trigger (x14)

Cobalt Bar (x70),

Cobalt Bar (x42), Crystallized Water (x14)


Overcharged Capacitor (x10)

Cobalt Bar (x40), Crystallized Earth (x10)


Explosive Decoy (x7)

Frostweave Cloth (x7), Volatile Blasting Trigger (x21)


Froststeel Tube (x15)

Cobalt Bar (x120), Crystallized Water (x15)


Diamond-Cut Refractor Scope (x5)

Froststeel Tube (x5), Handful of Cobalt Bolts (x10)


Box of Bombs (x5)

Saronite Bar (x25), Volatile Blasting Trigger (x5)


Goblin Beam Welder (x5)

Saronite Bar (x30), Borean Leather (x14), Eternal Shadow (x7)


Mana Injector Kit (x12)

Saronite Bar (x144), Crystallized Water (x24)


Mechanized Snow Goggles (x7)

Saronite Bar (x56), Borean Leather (x14), Eternal Shadow (x7)


Noise Machine (x5)

Froststeel Tube (x10), Overcharged Capacitor (x10), Handful of Cobalt Bolts (x40)


Gnomish Army Knife (x30)

Saronite Bar (x300), Skinning Knife (x30), Mining Pick (x30, Blacksmith Hammer (x30)

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