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WoW Dragonflight Alchemy 1-100 Guide

WoW Dragonflight Alchemy Guide

In this WoW Dragonflight Alchemy Guide we will show you how to level the profession Alchemy in World of Warcraft Dragonflight from 1-100. We will also write about the specializations and the recipes which are available. Please note that this guide is based on Alpha release of Dragonflight and could change when the addon will be released.

The profession of alchemy has always been a very important profession in World of Warcraft, because you can use it to create important potions and flasks, for example, or to transmute elements. With Dragonflight this won’t change, it will remain an important profession.

Important changes in Dragonflight Alchemy

Vials of alchemy are now called vials

From now on the vials are called vials. Unlike older WoW expansions, they offer different effects. The duration of the vials lasts 30 minutes for the first vial and when activating a second vial, the duration is extended to a whole hour. If you have chosen alchemy as your profession, you will have the ability to increase the duration for yourself through the vial specialization.

Battle potions

Not much will change for combat potions in WoW Dragonflight. There will be the usual potions that increase invisibility, HP, mana, and so on. There will be 2 new potions that can be used when your character dies. Then there are some interesting new potions that can be used in raids. Some potions will have a toxic effect. For example, you will gain mana when using them, but you will lose some health.

Dragonflight Alchemy Specializations

In order for you to unlock the specializations, level 25 of Dragon Isle Alchemy is required. Once unlocked, you can learn specializations and choose specific paths in the alchemy profession. Note that you can only choose two of the three available specializations. Therefore, read our descriptions of the specializations below.

Alchemical Theory

In Alchemical Theory, you will be able to improve the ability Transmutate. In addition, it is also possible to improve your general alchemy skill through Alchemy Theory. This specialization thus strengthens your general understanding of alchemy in WoW Dragonflight.

Potions Mastery

By choosing this specialization, you will be able to create high-quality potions. Besides, you’ll be able to learn new recipes, improving the efficiency of your crafting.

Vial Mastery

If you choose the path of vial specialization, you will have the ability to create vials of a high quality. Besides, you’ll be able to learn new recipes, improving the efficiency of your crafting.

Level WoW Dragonflight Alchemy Guide from 1 to 100

Important tip: You should leave the potions and vials in your pockets. You need to use them to recover resources to get the Dragon’s Alchemical Solution. You can then use it to research new recipes. This is very important so that you can then continue to skill at level 25.

Level 1 to 5

5x Refreshing Healing Potion (5x Draconic Vial, 1x Blustering Frost, 20x High Flower)

Level 5 to 10

5x Air Filled Mana Potion (5x Draconic Vial, 1x Raging Air, 20x Highbloom)

Level 10 to 25

15 Omnium Draconis (1x crook bark, 1x stone bark, 1x bladder poppy, 1x high flower)

Level 25 to 60

You will have to experiment until you get a new recipe. It may happen that the research fails and you will not be able to start new experiments for 20 hours.

By performing the simple experiments, you will get one skill point each.


We hope you have enjoyed the WoW Dragpnflight Alchemy Guide. If you have troubles with any profession check out our Gold and Boost Service.

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