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New World Closed Beta

Amazon Kicks Off Its New World Closed Beta

Amazon has begun the closed beta testing phase of New World, its upcoming fantasy MMORPG. With the game’s official August 31 release drawing near, players are seemingly hungry for a new massively multiplayer game to sink their teeth into.

Since the beta began, New World has hit over 190,000 concurrent players on Steam. These figures are pretty impressive when you consider that Amazon is not just a new player in the MMO space but the gaming space as a whole.

Their previous endeavor, the online multiplayer shooter Crucible, had a troubled launch. Due to numerous gameplay issues, the game was pulled back into a closed beta phase shortly after its official release. After that, it was canceled altogether on November 9 last year.

New World is looking like it’s off to a good start. So, how can you participate in the closed beta?

Closed Beta Information

While anyone can join the New World closed beta, you still need to go through 1 of two avenues.

How can I Access the New World Closed Beta?

The easiest way to get into the New World beta is by pre-ordering the game. The upcoming MMO can be bought as a one-time purchase with Standard and Deluxe options available. If you’re only interested in trying it out before you buy, you’ll have to get lucky. Amazon has opened up applications for closed beta invites. It’s unclear what criteria they’re using to select participants. If you’re on the fence about the game, then this may be the best option.

In either case, entry to the New World beta will be granted in the form of a game key that’ll be sent to you via email. You can then redeem the key on Steam to kick off your adventure. The beta seems to cover everything the game has on offer, including earning New World coins.

How Long is the Testing Period?

Amazon flipped the switch on its MMORPG’s beta on July 20. It’s expected to run until August 2, with the game slated to release a few weeks after the test concludes. All signs are pointing towards this being a concrete timeframe with no extensions.

Which Regions can Participate in the Closed Beta?

At the moment, only a handful of regions can participate in New World’s closed beta. These are North America, Europe, Brazil, and Australia. There’s been no word on other regions joining the party, sadly.

Are There Any Content Sharing Restrictions?

According to the New World beta FAQ, streamers, content creators, and general social media enthusiasts can do their thing. This includes recording, streaming, and sharing closed beta footage on all platforms. New World’s website further clarifies that beta footage can still be used after the game launches.

First time hearing about New World? Here’s a quick rundown of the upcoming MMORPG.

Everything We Know About New World

New World takes place on a magical island called Aeternum in an alternate take on the 17th century. You wash up on its shores and discover that it’s jam-packed with mystical powers and hideous monsters. Aeternum used to be home to an ancient civilization with its remnants still remaining as ruins.

The core gameplay of New World focuses on mass PvP events where player factions vie for control of the island’s territories. There are three factions in total, The Marauders, The Syndicate, and The Covenant. Naturally, there are also PvE elements. If taking down monsters ad nauseam is your bag, then you can freely do so as well. New World will feature a robust gathering and crafting system that’ll allow you to create shiny new gear.

new world combat

Compared to most MMORPGs, New World doesn’t have a rigid class system. Character progression is based on learning skills and mastering weapons, giving you the ability to craft your own playstyle. Of course, there is magic in the game, though Amazon hasn’t been putting much emphasis on it in its promotional materials.

But like most online RPGs, New World will feature an economy complete with its own coin system. Aeternum has several settlements, each with its own player-run local economy. While the game itself won’t be pay to win, having a boatload of New World coins will definitely make your life easier in the game. Especially when you consider it will have features such as player housing and an auction house, called the Trading Post.

new world trading post

New World Coins

As with most MMORPGs, earning New World coins is going to take some work and grinding. If you’re intrigued by the game but can’t afford the time, we can help you out. Visit our New World section to buy all the coins you need to make your adventures through Aeternum smoother. That way, you can skip the grind and focus on the fun.

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