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WotLK Classic Warlock Guide: Which Demons are the best?

For many, demons are the main reason to play a warlock. But which pet is best suited for which playstyle? We will clarify this in this WoW WotLK Classic Warlock Guide.

WoW WotLK Classic Warlock Guide

With a powerful demon in tow, all you really do is collect loot. Impressed by the stories of leveling demonology spec, many a player creates a warlock twist for themselves. Thanks to Voidwalker and Felguard, leveling is practically a no-brainer, and in raids you just cast a Shadow Bolt or two and send your pet to the front. The disillusionment starts at level 20 at the latest. A demon is only as strong as the warlock who leads it. But don’t despair, no one has to abandon his imp at the next highway rest stop. We explain to you in this Warlock Guide for WoW WotLK Classic, for what you can best use your demons and especially how.



The Imp

Your first companion is a small, green imp who throws firebolts around. He’s not very durable, deals only mediocre damage, and his cheeky comments get annoying after a while. Nevertheless, he is the optimal companion for instances during leveling. There he deals more damage than the Felhunter or Succubus. In addition, the whole group gets health points through the ability Blood Pact. If you dedicate yourself to the talent tree Destruction from level 80, you can take him along on adventures even then. Reinforced by various talents, a Destruction Imp causes enormous damage and indirectly increases your Critical strike Score. In solo play, however, the Imp is not useful; here you’d better choose the Voidwalker.

Posture Tips

Make sure that your Imp never stands around in the Phase Shift stance. In this magical stance he is not attackable, but also will not attack by himself. This used to be common, but only because of the Imp’s buff. So it’s best to set your Imp to the “Defensive” stance and the attacks Firebolt and Blood Pact to “Auto Cast”. You do this by right-clicking on the respective ability.

The Succubus

Next in this Warlock Guide for WotLK Classic is the Succubus. The succubus is the black sheep of the demon family. Not because behind the facade of an attractive lady hides a genderless demon. Much more problematic is that he hardly does any damage and has no useful skills apart from seduction. This can be used in PvE at most in hopeless situations. For example, when all mages, rogues and hunters are patched out of the game, all tanks are on vacation and you have to fight an army of Furbolgs with a Holy Priest. In combat against other players (PvP), the seduction would even be really useful. But on average, both Voidwalker and Felunter are more practical, as their range of useful abilities is much wider.

Posture Tips

The best tip for keeping a succubus is, don’t keep one first! In almost every situation, another demon is better to use. If you do not want to miss out on the whip wielder in PvP, proceed as follows. Keep Lesser Invisibility permanently active to trick your enemies. This way it will look to the enemies as if you don’t have a demon on your side at all.

The Felhunter

By far the ugliest demon in the repertoire, it can be used in exactly two ways. One is in PvP, where you can interrupt enemy spell’s thanks to the Spell Lock. On the other hand to run with you as an affliction Warlock from level 50 through instances. Then you have the Felhunter’s Shadow Bite so strengthened via various talents. Thus, he causes much more damage than the Imp. Thanks to his aura ability Fel Intellect, you provide all your fellow fighters with an intelligence and willpower buff. Because the Felhunter gets hungry from all the spell interrupting and damage dealing, it eats magic effects with Devour Magic. So, it takes away a buff from your opponent. This can save lives in instances and PvP alike.

Posture Tips

In instances, the Felhunter stance is very simple. Just set Shadow Bite and Fel Intellect to “Use Automatically” and set the Combat setting to “Defensive”. In PvP, on the other hand, you must actively control the Felhunter and use his abilities as if they were your own. If you leave the Felhunter to its own, it will devour magic and almost always use Spell Lock at the wrong time.

The Voidwalker

Next in this Warlock Guide for WotLK Classic is the Voidwalker. This Voidwalker can do one thing especially well and that is tanking. At least in solo play during leveling. Here, thanks to many health points as well as a strong armor value, the enemies are no problem at all for him. In the instances, however, you should rather leave the job of the tank to the player-controlled tanks like Warrior, Paladin, Druid or Death Knight. They can withstand more and usually cause even more threat. If a player takes over the role of the tank, then you should only use your Imp from then on. The same is the case for raids, where the Voidwalker has no place either.

A second possible use is PvP. Here, this demon also serves well. Shadow Devouring increases stealth detection, reduces the hit chance of enemies with Suffering, and you also get a damage shield with the Sacrifice ability.

Posture Tips

In solo play, simply set the Taunt ability Suffering and Torment to “Auto Cast”. This way you can be sure that the voidwalker will use them as soon as they are ready again. To let him build up threat before you start doing damage, send him off ahead via “Attack” command. Between stealthy enemies, always choose Consume Shadows. However, if an enemy does turn to you instead of the Voidwalker, you can simply use Sacrifice and protect yourself from that attack.

The Felguard

The Felguard is the most important demon with no expiration date (like the Infernal). Because this guard is so powerful, you must put a full 51 points into the Demonology tree before you can even summon it. However, this changes your entire playstyle. Therefore, you should read up on this specialization beforehand. Then, when you fill this talent tree with points and get the Felguard, you should use it. Because there are no alternatives for demonologists in instances, raids or leveling. Especially in the latter, the guard makes for relaxed play. The Felguard holds the threat similarly well as the Voidwalker. The difference is that the guard does much more damage, though. So you only have to loot the gold and gear.

Posture Tips

The Felguard is relatively easy to tame. A little buff food now and then can’t hurt. Spiced mammoth treats give the demon 30 strength and stamina points. In solo play, keep Anguish on “Automatic Use.” This allows the guard to build up proper threat. The same is true for cleave. In PvP, however, you shouldn’t use spades so as not to interrupt the control effects that way.

The Doomguard

The Doomguard can be summoned from level 60. After that, you will also have to complete a series of quests in the Blasted Lands. If you are not at least level 70, it is best to take your friends with you. If you have learned how to summon the Doomguard, you still can’t just summon it. A hell statuette from the Reagents vendor and four party members are required for the summoning. At the end of the summoning, one party member will also take damage. It all sounds incredibly complicated, but at least for affliction wizards, the effort is worth it. The Doomguard deals powerful damage and outperforms the Felhunter in terms of damage.

Posture Tips

Doomguard is only worth it for Affliction Warlocks in raids when fighting bosses. For single enemies, normal melee damage is most worthwhile. Therefore, you should disable all abilities outside of boss fights. If there are many small enemies in the fight, you should use Rain of Fire.

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