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Temtem – Tips for beginners

Let’s talk about the five most helpful tips before diving into the world of Temtem. Temtem – Tips for beginners


1. Save your Pansun

I wish I had this advice at the beginning of my playtime with Temtem. There are a lot of in game activities to train your teams for PvP, but it can be slightly expensive. So you want to store a good bit of your Temtem Pansun away. So you can build up your PvP teams or use your money within the trade house. Now, during your journey, if you see your running low on supplies or you see that nice cosmetic option that you want to wear, by all means spend that money. Get the cosmetic items, because it’s totally worth it. That’s why we play video games, right? But if you can afford it, try to save a little something so you can buy other items later during the game. Because racking up money in the end-game can be a grind, so be sure to keep that in mind.


2. Learn about Stamina and Resource Management

Another important aspect within Temtem – Tips for beginners is stamina. So, in many turnbased RPGs, a way to balance moves is by either using mana or having a certain amount of moves. But in Temtem, you can use your moves as much as you want as long as you have stamina that allows you to use those moves. So bouncing around this game includes having more stronger moves to have a higher amount of stamina that depletes. And typically, weaker moves will have lower amount of stamina that depletes. It’s important to plan your moves and strategies around this concept because if you use a move and it depletes your stamina completely, it can make your Tem become overexerted.

Being overexerted means your Tem will take recoil damage and they will have a turn penalty, meaning they won’t be able to move on the next turn. So to get around this, if you see that your Tem has really low stamina, you can either make them rest and recover some of the stamina or simply swap them out for another Tem in a party that’s fresh and ready to go. This gameplay mechanic is really fun, and once you grasp it, you’re going to feel like a big brain scientist whenever you’re able to outmaneuver your opponents and crush their hopes and dreams.


3. Don’t completely rely on type match-ups

For example, in certain Pokemon games, you can practically just use one pokemon, aka your starter, and just breeze through the entire game. But in Temtem, you’re not going to be able to do that. Temtem is a lot more difficult video game, which is a good thing, and you’re going to need to rely on strategy and thinking ahead before you can just take on a dojo leader or even the next tamer that’s on the route, because there are times when type advantages might not be enough to secure that victory for you. So it’s important to think ahead and game plan what is the most advantageous situation for you to do. You can utilize synergies between your Tems, different items depend on certain traits and so much more in order to beat and outsmart your opponents.


4. Don’t be afraid to lose

As I mentioned before, Temtem has a nice amount of difficulty within it, which is very refreshing. And when you lose a match, it can be a treasure trove of information that you can learn to get better at the game. Within your losses, you can discover counters to your strategies and ways that your opponent either outsmarted you or outplayed you as well. With that valuable information, you can find ways to counter the big brain plays. So that way you can prevent it from happening in the future. From a loss you can also determine where you may have made a mistake or did a misplay which gave your opponent an advantageous situation.

Also, during your losses, you may be able to find a strategy that seems kind of cool and you may want to implement it within the future. Temtem is all about learning and making yourself become a better tamer along the way. So if you see something that works for your opponent well, why not give it a shot? So don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Get out there and make something happen. Do not be afraid of your opponents. They’re not that scary.


5. Complete the side quest.

Temtem – Tips for beginners. Do the side quest. I cannot emphasize this enough. There are so many valuable rewards that you can earn by completing side quests. You can get new technique courses to teach your Tems. You can also get some game changing gears that you can also equip to your team. Also, you can get money, rewards, cosmetic items, other Tems, and so much more. Side quests are very valuable and you do not want to skip them. Also with side quests, you can discover different areas within the game that you didn’t know were there before, so it’s also a very refreshing way to explore the landscape. If you do skip the side quests, you’re not playing to the fullest extent.

Try to knock them out during your main quest play through because if you wait and get a huge log of side quest, it might take a good bit of time for you to knock them all out at once instead of just naturally doing it as you progress through the game.

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