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WoW Dragonflight Overview

wow dragonflight overview

In WoW’s newest expansion, you’ll dive into a new world with dragons. The beta of Dragonflight was tested on april 2022 and the beta version has been out since September 2022. From now   Dragonflight is playable for everyone. Here you can find out what’s new, what the new class has to offer and if the game makers keep their promises. As always, the trailer looks very cool and entices with dragons and new combat systems.

The New Land: Dragon Island

A new island has appeared on the WoW map, the Isle of Dragons. Next to Northrend is now the new land of the dragons. They were abandoned by magic and were lost for thousands of years. But now comes the time of awakening. The time of the dragons, in which you now reappear. A fantastic time with lots of new content.

WoW Dragonflight Overview

WoW Dragonflight Overview

Dragon Island has a total of 4 large zones where the story takes place and where you as a player can complete tasks, etc. This includes Waking Shores, for example. This is the home of the black and red Dragonflights. Here you’ll find wild elemental magic and a good dash of action. Next is Ohn’ahran Plains. This is the area of the green Dragonflights. Here everything is nice and green and overgrown with grass. You can also find the Maruuk Centaurs here.

This is a very exciting area where there is also a lot to discover. In Azure Span you will find a completely different terrain. Here you’ll freeze just looking at it and wish you were sitting in front of the PC with a scarf and gloves. The land of the blue Dragonflights is frosty and everything is packed in ice. But there is also Thaldraszus. A beautiful land with many mountains and caves. Something very special is happening here. Because here live the Dragon Aspects and the bronze Dragonflights. What makes them so special is that they are the guardians of time.

New races and classes: The Dracthyr Evoker

The Forbidden Reach is the first zone for the new Dracthyr race and the Evoker class. An island on the coast of the new Dragon Island. The last area, on the other hand, is Valdrakken. This city acts as a hub, with a library, gardens and an very needed auction house.

This is the first combination of race and class. Here you will find everything you need to know.

The Dracthyr are a new race and a mixture of Drachkin and human. They can change their form and thus decide whether they want to appear in dragon form or rather more human. However, they still have many dragon-like elements and look less like humans. However, the dragon form cannot be changed in battle. You can join either the Alliance or the Horde. However, you can only choose one class, and that is the Evoker. This one is also reserved exclusively for the Dracthyr. The Evokers also start at level 58 right in the Dragonflight content. However, this should not be a problem for most. The Evoker have the art of Devaluation or Preservation. So, either you deal dmg or you heal. It is also great that the Evoker can use Mail armor.

The best of Dragonflight – Dragon Riding

WoW Dragonriding

You’ll probably be most happy about that. So will everyone who has already played the new version. The dragon riding is simply awesome and requires some skill to avoid flying into the next tree. Moving fast is always a big deal and is even a lot of fun here.

Now different types of dragons can be ridden.

In the WoW Dragonflight overview you can find the Drake, Wyvern, a Proto Dragon and a Ptero Dragon. Wow. So much choice. They have really oriented themselves to the fans.

If you don’t like the Drakes because of their strange nature, you can still change them. For that you need a Rostrum of Transformation and special items. Thus, you have various options for customization. Fortunately, they are available almost everywhere and so you quickly have many options at your disposal.

If you have your items to change, the horns, the snout, colors, jewelry, size and much more can be changed at will. This of course pleases the fans, and it also looks really incredibly cool.

Dragon riding is not the same as normal flying. Moreover, it does not replace it. Because it is not really flown, but more glided. You have to train a little bit to be able to glide properly. In addition, it gets better and easier with time, because the dragon levels up and you teach him how to fly properly. Because at the beginning he is still quickly exhausted and much more. The dragon riding talent can be unlocked, and you will be able to glide much faster and longer. With the help of the talent tree, which unlocks early in the game, you can then adjust a lot more. You’ll also meet the dragon trainer Lithragosa in the Skypto Observatory. Fortunately, dragon riding is accessible from the beginning. So, you don’t have to wait forever for it.

New factions in the WoW Dragonflight Overview

There are the following 4 new factions:

  • Dragonscale Expedition
  • Maruuk Centaur
  • Iskaara Tuskarr
  • Valdrakken Accord

After you have found them, you will quickly notice that there is no reputation system. It works more like in Shadowlands with reputation, but in a new way. So you can level up faster and easier.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our WoW Dragonflight Overview. You can check out our latest WoW products if you need any help in WoW Dragonflight.

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