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New World – Brimstone Sands Tips

Today what I’m going to be bringing to you are some tips for the New World Brimstone Sands release. Now, these are going to be some quick tips on ways that you can progress and get ahead, whether it’s with crafting things, with making a little bit of gold, just some general tips and tricks that are going to be really nice to know when this update actually goes live. So we’re going to jump straight into it.


The Brimstone

So firstly, I wanted to cover Brimstone Sands because the actual zone itself brings with it several new resources to the game and one of the most important here being the Brimstone itself. Now, the Brimstone will give you sulphur chunks when it is mined and these will be used to craft sulphur, of which you need five sulphur chunks to create one piece of sulphur. Now this is going to be really important because sulphur is going to be needed for crafting the brand new runeglass gems as well as the heartgems.

And additionally to this, it can also be used as a crafting reagent. So for things like potions, ancient coatings, etc., which we’re going to be needing in Brimstone Sands. It can be used for that as well. But obviously the first two, the runeglass and the heartgems, are the brand new items which are coming with the Brimstone Sands update. It is going to put you ahead. Whether you want to craft with it. Obviously into those runeglasses and those heartgems or if you want to farm a bit of it and then sell it. It’s going to be in pretty high demand for the first few weeks. If not the first month or two. Because there’s not enough for everybody or there will be. But some people won’t want to farm it. Others might not know where to get it.


Where to find it?

So that leads me on to where can you find it? It’s going to be in areas near water or what looks to be water in Brimstorme Sands, but in actual fact it’s going to be acid pools. Now there’s going to be mobs around here as well, which also kind of guard the brimstone, so you’re going to have to be able to kill the mobs. It is easier if there’s more than one player, but of course then you’ve got to share out the loot. You can easily do it solo though you just need to be able to obviously kill the mobs and have a little bit of sustain.


Avoid the acid where you can, you can dodge through it. So if you are in light armour particularly, this is pretty easy to do. You can kind of dodge roll across to the other side, then dodge roll back and you won’t get a tick of acid. You want to get as much of this as you can early to either make a profit or to get ahead with crafting those brand new items.


Heartgems and runeglasses

Now, that leads us pretty nicely onto the second point, which I wanted to cover here, which is going to be about Heartgems and runeglass crafting. So obviously these are the brand new items, like I’ve mentioned, that are coming with the Brimstone Sands update, but there are also new materials that are going to be involved with them. They are going to be super sought after when this update goes live. Now, whether you want to use them to craft yourself into the Heart Gems and root glasses like I’ve mentioned, or sell them, it’s going to be up to you. But an example of this is going to be the wooden coins. These are going to be used to craft the Tier five Heart Gem upgrades and they’ll be found in Elite Chests or in supply stockpiles inside of Expeditions only.

So the best advice to farm these is going to be to go to your level 60 plus Elite zones and try and go for the Elite chess within those. Every time they’re off cooldowns, go around and go ahead and grab those or at least try to grab them from the Elite chests. I would imagine for the first few months after this release, a lot of players will be running these Elite zones for that exact reason. So hopefully you should be able to find a group even if you don’t necessarily have a company to play with. Server wide groups are not uncommon now, so hopefully you can get involved there and start getting your hands on things like wooden coins.

Charged sand

Another thing that’s going to be super, super sought after for the runeglasses and the Heartgems is going to be charged sand. Now, this is obtained from mining a brand new sandstone blocks which are found in Brimstone Sands, of course, and they’re generally just all over jotted around the zone, the kind of a yellowy brick looking thing. Now, when you mine these, you’ll get sandstone blocks from them and the sandstone blocks you need five of those to create one charged sand. So, similar to the sulphur chunks into sulphur, the sandstone blocks, into charged sand will be five to one ratio. Now, ten charged sand is required for crafting each of the runeglasses.

So the sandstone is going to be super important and like I said, it is all over Brimstone, but it is quite sporadic. So if you are someone that’s willing to go out and kind of farm this up again, probably players are going to want to buy it. Although you may come across some while you’re questioning and while you’re out doing new things around the zone. unless you’re actually exploring and gathering on purpose, you might not be able to find enough. And obviously not every player is going to have enough. So either way, you’re going to be able to craft these into runeglasses, which you’re going to sell for a lot, or you can just sell the sandstone itself or the charge sand and get a nice profit there. So this is a really, really good one to look out for as well.


Nightvale Hallow

This event will allow for legendary crafts of every weapon that always come with keen on. So obviously keen for some players is really, really good. Other players don’t like it so much. Whichever camp you’re in is entirely up to you. But of course either these patterns will sell if you do want to go ahead and do the event for them, or indeed you can craft yourself a nice legendary weapon with a very cool Halloween themed aesthetic on it and then have a guaranteed keen perk as well as two others on there as well.

This is a really, really cool event where you kind of fight an open world boss. Once you complete the one quest that you get from the quest giving NPC that will put you up to the maximum reputation level needed. So essentially once you’ve done it, once it shows you how to do it and then you just repeat that. But the first time you do it will give you the rep you need to be able to unlock those legendary patterns. So you can get hands on with those pretty much straight away once you get onto the servers as well. Like I said, we don’t know if this event goes live directly at the same time as Brimstone Sands goes live.


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