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The Loremaster Achievement Guide – WoW WotLK Classic

You don’t want to be one of many anymore, the gray mouse on the side of the road? With the title The Loremaster you will become a superstar in WoW WotLK Classic with this achievement and our guide.

The dropout rate of mechanical engineering students is 50 percent. So half of all students throw the engineering handbook before they even get close to their exam. Now, if you’re wondering what this has to do with World of Wacraft, we’ll explain. In WoW WotLK, there is a similar supreme discipline that hardly any player can withstand. These include the “The Loremaster” and “Insane in the Membrane” achievements. For the The Loremaster achievement you have to complete about 3000 quests in the entire world of Warcraft. In this guide, we will show you how to get the The Loremaster achievement as easily as possible in WoW WotLK Classic.


WoW WotLK Classic The Loremaster Achievement Guide

The 10-Point Guide for the achievement The Loremaster in WoW WotLK Classic

Just quest into the blue and “see what comes out”? Not with us. We’ll show you the most important rules and preparations so that you don’t falter during your apprenticeship.

1. Empty your pockets and your quest log

Make a rigorous cut before your launch and cancel any quests you’ve started or accumulated. You’ll need the space in your quest log as well as the clarity. Throw away all quest items and empty your pockets and bank slots to the bare essentials (food, water, bandages, rest stone).

2. Create a foolproof concept

It’s up to you where exactly you start with your gigantic tasks. In principle, the order of the lands to be worked through doesn’t matter, as long as you can remember where you’ve already been and where you need to go. Therefore, it is best to have a system. This way, even after a short break in the game, you can resume your tasks right where you last left off. For example, it’s worth saying I’m working the land from north to south. A tip for this: Work with increasing order, so from level areas 1-10 over 20-30 up to 50-60.

3. Collect first, then think!

Next in this The Loremaster Achievement Guide for WotLK Classic is the Collecting section. Whether with the help of an add-on (see point 5) or due to your superior knowledge of the world. When entering a new zone, always visit the so-called quest hubs first. These are places or zones where you know there are quests. Collect everything you can get and only then think about how you can accomplish these tasks. You can hardly go wrong with an addon that tells you where to go. Move strategically (from west to east / north to south) through the land. Complete all the quests that are marked on the map.

4. Go only when there is nothing left to do.

It’s proven to be the best idea to work through land by land and not quest-hop. So force yourself to do all the quests in your current territory until there is nothing left for you to do. If you are sent to another land, you can save that quest until that land is on your agenda. Because if you really follow every quest line halfway around the world, you’ll be on the road more than you’re questing, and you’ll lose valuable time.



5. Install the necessary add-ons

This section of the Loremaster achievement guide in WotLK Classic is about the helpful add-ons that will really help you with this achievement. However, it is up to you to choose not to use quest or map add-ons for the Loremaster achievement. Nevertheless, we recommend downloading Carbonite, Questie, or Mobmap. It not only simplifies the search for the quest givers, but also the search for the necessary items or enemies for the accepted tasks. Add-ons such as Overachiever will alert you to other possible achievements in your area.

6. Check your talent distribution

It may seem pointless to think about it, but not all players have a dual-spec. Not all Holy Priests find their talent selection unfavorable for questing. So before you start your tour of the world, calculate how fast you’re going with your current talent distribution and distribute your talent points according to that conclusion.

7. Earn a lot of gold

You don’t have a reputation or even a guild to lose? And you haven’t learned a gathering profession yet? Then discard your accumulated knowledge of useless crafting professions and learn something new. For example, herb gathering or mining. Doing so can earn you an incredible amount of gold in WotLK Classic on your way to becoming the Loremaster. Since you’ll be going through all the starting areas anyway, just collect whatever plants or ores you come across. Then you can sell these materials in the auction house.

8. What counts, what does not?

Before you start your journey, you should check which quests are relevant for the achievement The Loremaster in WoW WotLK Classic and which are not. Quests for battlegrounds, your class quests, as well as profession and world events quests can be excluded from the beginning. These include, for example, the (non-repeatable) first quests for cloth donation in the capitals. Check the WoWHead database if you are unsure about this. This way you won’t do any unnecessary quests.

9. Special feature: instance quests

Note the following important basis for the quests that have something to do with instances. If the quest is completed within the dungeon, it does not count towards the achievement. For example, you are sent to find an NPC in your instance. If the quest is completed outside the dungeon, it counts! Another example, you are sent to get something from the instance. Unfortunately, to be on the safe side, before a dungeon run, it is necessary to use a database (for example WoWHead) to find out if the quest counts for the Loremaster achievement or not.

10. A heart for lowbies

The last and also one of the most important point in this achievement guide for the Loremaster in WoW WotLK Classic is that you should not forget about the other players. Therefore, be considerate of low-level players in the starting and leveling areas. Rather change your location for a few minutes or offer your help. So instead of provoking trouble by simply killing his opponents in sight.

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