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Is Diablo Immortal Pay to Win?

Is Diablo Immortal really pay to win?

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play online game that is available for PC as well as iOS and Android (mobile). As in many free-to-play games, the game is financed through an in-game store. In some games you can only unlock cosmetic content there, and in others you can buy an advantage in the game. But what about Diablo Immortal? We have tested the beta extensively for you and can answer the question of whether Diablo Immortal is a pay to win game or not before the release.

Is Diablo Immortal Pay to Win

How far can I get without spending money in the game store?

We didn’t notice any disadvantages during the leveling phase. We could bring our character to the maximum level without any problems. After a few levels, you unlock various abilities that make your character stronger. By rewarding the bosses, we were able to further equip our character. In short, the majority of the game is and remains free. Unlike many other mobile games, you don’t have to spend money to continue playing the game. So you don’t have to take involuntary breaks either. You can spend as much time as possible farming or grinding monsters to improve your character. Also, the choice of classes will not be limited. As a free-to-play player of Diablo Immortal, you can choose between all available classes. You can also play through the story completely without using any money.

But what is the advantage of the in-game store in Immortal? We will clarify this question in the next section.

What advantage can I get from real money transactions in Diablo Immortal?

Apart from the usual cosmetic content, Diablo Immortal also lets you purchase various bonuses that give your character a significant advantage. Depending on how much money you want to spend, you can increase your character’s damage by up to 300%. This alone is the biggest pay-to-win issue in Diablo Immortal. For players who are unwilling to spend money on a free game, it looks very bad in the end-game. This makes it almost impossible to win against other players who use the in-game store in PvP battles. We are therefore also concerned about the PvP balancing, which is so difficult to adjust.

Especially the legendary gems, which are also available in the store, give your character an enormous boost. While the normal gems increase the attributes like life, armor or resistance, it looks completely different with the legendary gems. For example, the legendary gem “Defiant Soul” increases the chance of magic items by 5%. So you not only get a damage advantage, but also an advantage in the drop chance of items.


For casual players, it will not be necessary to spend money in the in-game store. If you just want to experience the campaign, then you won’t be forced to spend money. However, if you want to compete at the top and complete the highest difficulty level in each season, you will unfortunately have to invest some money. Also, some PvP players will probably get a significant advantage from the in-game store. However, it is questionable whether the prices for the in-game store will still change.

What do you think of the in-game store and do you think Diablo Immortal is pay-to-win? Feel free to let us know your opinion in the comments.

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