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Metin2 – How to make Yang in 2022

Metin2 make Yang in 2022

Find out the fastest way to make yang in 2022. Whether by trading, farming Map1 or farming Map2. We show you the best methods.



One strategy to make metin2 yang / metin2 won that works in almost every MMORPG is trading items. The strategy behind it is very simple and as old as mankind itself. You open the markets, preferably on the trade map, and look for cheap items. As soon as you find something, you buy the item and put it back in at a higher price. Of course, you need a bit of intuition for this.

You should always keep an eye on the current prices on the market and know them well. If you know the market prices well, you will definitely be able to earn some extra money. You should also pay attention to updates from Gameforge. It can happen that after an update certain items are needed more often. So check the developer’s announcements before the update to find out if certain metin2 items will be needed more often after the updates. Alternatively, you can also buy metin2 yang.


Map1 – metin2 make Yang in 2022

Farming yang/won on Map1 gives you the most “old school” feeling of the game. For this, make a level 15 char, run around map1 and farm as many mobs as you can, if you find metin stones, farm those too. The reason why farming on Map1 is worthwhile is because the Elementary deff trinkets always need up-items from Map1.

So there you can farm items like red hairbands, tiger hide, wolf fur+, etc. and all the FBs. These are all items that are needed by players to upgrade their starting equipment and elementary deff equipment. However, to get the best result, you should get double drop for it.

Also, farming on Map1 is the easiest way to make Yang/Won. You don’t need expensive equipment and you’ll get to level 15 pretty fast. Please note that you should not do too much damage, otherwise the metin stones will drop less.


Map2 – metin2 make Yang in 2022

Similar to Map1, is the level 35 farmer on Map2. Here you can farm metins. Also here you could farm up-items, which are needed to upgrade items. In addition, +4 stones also drop here, which are now no longer worth so much, but can still help to a good “salary”.

But what is also an important aspect is that in the high-end area a lot of Gaya is needed. Gaya is made by using a lot of stones. That’s why +0 to +3 are still in high demand and sell well. In addition there are all the FBs.



Keep an eye on the event calendar. Some events make e.g. Elexiere of the biologist, mounts or other Items with metins dropbar. Otherwise there are the easter events, the moonlight events or any dropevents. Also here it is worth to have Map1 or Map2 farmer.



This is one of the most important points in this guide. In combination with trading, you can make a lot of Won/Yang here. Especially if there are few botters on your server, there are usually few items on the market. So you should think about what high-level players need or use the most, for example elemental jewelry (wooden necklace, wooden shoes, lightning things, fire things, etc.).

So by farming upp Items like red hairband, spider legs, pieceweave+, icekiller dial horn, demon stuff, yeti skins+, flame mane, frog legs etc you can make a lot of won.

The important thing is that you don’t overcrowd the market with it. So even if you’ve farmed big stacks of them, it’s best not to put them all in at once and constantly undercut your competition. Be patient.



One of the most lucrative ways to make won/yang are cors. You can create four additional characters on your main account. Ideally you should choose the same race as your main, then you can use the same equipment. Focus on completing your Daily Cor Quest in DT.

You can do the Daily Cor Quest from level 30, you have the possibility to farm 50 dragonstone shards per day. Every tenth shard becomes a Cor, so a total of 5 per day. You can trade them to your main char via the camp. If you do this with all 5 chars on your account, you will get 25 cors. You can then open them on your main and upgrade them.

Tip: Level up all your chars to level 61.


Side drops – metin2 make Yang in 2022

A relatively small point, but still relevant. Take a look at the side drops as well. Often many side drops are not considered at all, even though they could be worth a lot.

For example, these could have 8 Poison/Blood, 8-12 INT, 10-15 Elemental Deff, AGO, 20 Yang/20 DD/20 Speed, 20 Tf/20 UT/20 Animals, etc. on them. And once those things are on it, the items are automatically worth super much.


Energy Fragment

This variant is exhausting and involves a lot of effort.

You regularly run to the weapons dealer with an empty inventory, buy all the inventory slots full of LvL 36 daggers. Then run to the alchemist and drag all of these daggers to the alchemist, thereby breaking the daggers down into energy fragments. You can then sell them.



Here you can hit the 70s metins besides the above mentioned cors, with a little practice you can pull the mobs aside and then have the opportunity to pull the 70s metins.

So here you can take a lot of FBs and UppItems.

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