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Metin2 Beginner Guide

This Metin2 beginner guide is perfect for new players. Here you will get the most important information you need at the beginning. Everything you need to know at the beginning in just one guide.

Metin2 Beginner Guide

Which Metin2 server should I choose?

Currently, there are nine different servers you can choose from. All of these servers have different advantages and also features. These servers are Azrael, España, Europe, Felis, Germania, Italia, Portugal, Teutonia and Tigerhost. These servers vary in level speed as well as loot. Because of the fact that new servers are constantly released and thus you are forced to make a “fresh start”, it is worthwhile to create a new character on the newest server. But also active players can make a fresh start, even if they come back from a long break.

The right choice of your class

In Metin2 there are five different classes, among which you have to choose one. To make this decision easier for you, you can read the most important information about each class in this beginner’s guide for the game Metin2.


The Sura is a hybrid class with both magical and melee abilities. However, you can still focus more precisely on one of the two attributes. Choose between the Magicsura for ranged combat and the Weaponsura for melee.


The Ninja class defeats the enemies with fast attacks. You can choose between two specializations here. The melee ninja with abilities like lightning attack or the poison cloud. Or the ranged ninja with abilities like poison arrow or fire arrow.


Especially very strong in close combat and he wears heavy armor. You can choose between the Mental Warrior and the Body Warrior. The Mental Warrior has abilities like Sword Strike. This is a ranged attack, with which you can inflict a lot of damage on a group of enemies. The body warrior is also not to be underestimated. With the Sword Whirl ability, you attack all the surrounding groups of enemies.


Unlike all classes, you can only choose one specialization for the Lycan. Here you have to choose the talents of the Instinct Lycan. This one has abilities like Wolf Jump. With it, you can attack your opponents at lightning speed.


The Shaman is a pure magic class. Here you can take the supporting role of the healing shaman or the dragon shaman. The dragon shaman kills his opponents with his magic.

The most important shortcuts

There are three important shortcuts that you should know. With the “i” key you open your inventory. There you can see how many Yang/Won or other items you have. With the key “C” you get into the character window. There you can find more important information like your current level, the name of your guild and your skill points. With the key “V” you can see the skill panel. As already described in the section “Choosing the right class”, you will find the different skill point distributions of your class there. If you don’t like your current distribution, you can always change it later. You can also assign all the shortcuts yourself in the menu.

What is the best way to level?

In this section of the Metin2 Beginner Guide, we will look at the leveling process in Metin2. As in many other MMO’s, you have to complete various quests and kill monsters in Metin2. Grinding is also the most important part of leveling. You will start by killing wild dogs. After that, with a higher level, you can hunt down wolves. If the monsters on your map don’t give you enough EP (experience points), you have to change the area. There are different areas with different monsters.

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