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Toravon the Ice Watcher Guide – Vault of Archavon

The final boss of Vault of Archavon is a frosty fellow who completes the local quartet of guards. Like his brothers, however, he’s a real softy. With this WotLK Classic Guide for Toravon the Ice Watcher from Vault of Archavon, the boss will be a breeze for you and your party.

His name ends in “on”, he is huge, a guardian of an element, and he lives in the Vault of Archavon. We’re talking about Toravon, the fourth and final boss of the raid in the heart of Wintergrasp. Like his colleagues, he is easy to defeat. Even uncoordinated random groups usually get rid of him without any major problems. Still, it doesn’t hurt to know the tactics.

WotLK Classic Toravon the Ice Watcher Guide - Vault of Archavon

What kind of loot do I get from Toravon the Ice Watcher?

Toravon entered the ground of the chamber with the start of the eighth arena season. In WotLK Classic, this will probably happen in the middle phase. Like his predecessors, he carries armor pieces from the PvP season that just started. This includes both the gladiator set and nonset parts. This makes the Vault of Archavon the only raid in WotLK Classic where you can also get PvP gear (Gladiator Set) as loot. If you’re lucky, you’ll also find the pants and gloves of the T10 set (T10.5 in the 25 raid). These are all good reasons to visit the Frostbite.

What do I need be aware of beforehand?

What you need to pay special attention to, we will explain here in the section of Toravon the Ice Watcher Guide for WotLK Classic. To get to Toravon, you have to pass the first “traffic circle” in the chamber and turn right before Archavon. Before you can face the ice watcher, you must first clear his servants out of the way. As with Archavon, Emalon and Koralon are two elementals who used similar abilities to their master. Pay attention to the “Frostbite” debuff. If it stacks more than four to five times on a tank, a second tank should be on hand to taunt the Toravon. An additional threat comes from the Frost Watcher’s Frost Strike. This massive blow deals over 20,000 points of damage, so healers should be prepared for work. Fortunately, the Watchers use this blow only sporadically and not at regular intervals.

What is the right group constellation?

Due to the stackable debuff “Frostbite”, you need at least two tanks in your party to fight Toravon. Two healers (five to six in 25) are enough, especially because you need as many good DD’s as possible. At least one healer should have “Abolish Magic” in his repertoire to free the group from “Freezing Ground”. Also take at least three ranged fighters with you. Since melee fighters should not mess with the “Frozen Orbs” that appear later. For this reason, you need strong ranged fighters in your team.



What do I need to do as a DD, tank or healer?

Everyone has their own task. No matter if you are a tank, DD or even a healer. What that task is and what exactly you have to do, we will show you in the next section of this Toravon the Ice Watcher Guide for Vault of Archavon in WotLK Classic.


As in any fight, your tasks in Toravon are to build threat and survive. The only thing to do: taunt the second tank off the boss as soon as “Frostbite” has stacked up on him four to five times.


The most important task is to heal the tanks. This applies to both the current threat owner and his colleague who takes damage from the expiring Frostbite DoT. One (two to three for 25-man raid) healers take care of the raid as soon as the Frozen Orb appears. If teammates are affected by Frozen Ground, you have to remove this debuff as soon as possible.

Ranged Fighter

Do as much damage to Toravon as you can. As soon as the “Frozen Orbs” appear, it’s your task to destroy them. Clear them out of the way as quickly as possible and then switch your focus back to Toravon.


As a melee fighter, you have only one important task. You have to deal as much damage as possible to Toravon. Unlike the ranged fighters, you don’t have to change the target, so you can fully concentrate on the boss.

The Boss Strategy for Toravon

The actual battle progression is not particularly complex, Toravon is simple as Emalon or Koralon. You have to tank Toravon wherever he is standing. Every once in a while, his current target will suffer the Frostbite debuff. This stackable DoT (damage-over-time spell) deals about 1,000 damage every two seconds (about 2,000 in 25). The second tank should taunt Toravon no later than five stacks, or better yet, four. Otherwise, all the damage from Toravon’s blows (about 15,000 physical damage) and DoT damage is no longer healable.

If the second tank has collected too many frostbite stacks, the first tank takes over again. His Frostbite should have thawed out by then. In the meantime, the DD’s will make sure that Toravon dies as soon as possible. This boss casts a blizzard every 35 to 45 seconds, dealing over 10,000 damage to all players. The debuff “Frozen Fever” also increases the frost damage taken by 25%.

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