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PoE Divine Orb Guide

Path of Exile is about leveling your Hero up to fight stronger monsters and get better loot. You equip your Hero with the dropped loot, making them stronger, and repeat the loop. To enhance this process, enemies also drop Divine Orbs. They are used for many things as the currency system in PoE. Players can you it for crafting, changing stats on gear, boosting skills, and so much more. In this POE Divine Orb Guide, you will learn all there is to know about the PoE Currency.

What are Different Currencies in Path of Exile?

Following are different currencies used in PoE and their uses.

Chaos Orbs – These are the defacto currency in PoE as most currencies and items you trade are calculated in Chaos Orbs and can help you re-roll random modifiers on your gear. Their drop rate is higher than other currencies and can be crafted.

Exalted Orbs – These orbs can enhance your rare items by providing them with new random affixes and cost around dozen Chaos Orbs plus, they cannot be crafted, so their rarity is higher. These were the main currency in previous seasons to make meta mods.

Divine Orbs – These are the new defacto currency in the game as GGG has changed its drop rate and removed crafting, making it rarer, plus only currency for the important stuff.

How Do They Work?

Divine Orbs in PoE are used to re-roll affixes, as we mentioned above, and the re-rolling is randomized, which you don’t have any control over though there are some rules on how it works. Let’s look into how they work on Rare, Magic, and Unique items:

  • They help you to re-roll affixes within the same tier on Magic and Rare items, which means they cannot re-roll into values and stats that are associated with higher tiers.
  • When re-rolling a unique item or its legacy variant, the affixes can re-roll into a new range of values, but the older affixes can’t be returned or re-roll as the same values.
  • What this means is that values change for affixes that have a range of values, and the actual affix won’t change.
  • You cannot use them for adding new modifiers.

What are the Changes Made in 3.19 Lake of Kalandra?

The Orbs were added to the game quite a while ago and aren’t as popular as other currencies due to their drops and AH priorities which GGG wanted to change in this Challenger league. The first thing they changed is that you can’t get it from vendors anymore, increasing their rarity. 6-link vendor recipe provided that, but it has been removed, and now, you get 20 orbs of fusing instead.

The second thing that has been changed is equating the drop rate of Divine Orbs with Exalted Orbs, and most meta mods now only need Divine Orbs. GGG tried this change to balance the power across the board. So now you can use the Exalted Orbs for crafting while Divine Orbs for re-rolling important affixes.

Following is a list of changes that GGG made in the game:

  • You need to spend 2 Divine Orbs instead of 2 Exalted Orbs for things like changing prefixes and suffixes or even having up to 3 crafted modifiers.
  • You need to spend 1 Divine Orb instead of 1 Exalted Orb for “Cannot roll Attack Mods”.
  • Previously you used 5 Blessed Orbs for “Cannot roll Caster Mods,” but with the latest changes, you only need 1 Divine Orb.
  • For Vilified Modifiers, you will use Exalted Orbs or Chaos Orbs in place of Divine Orbs.
  • Instead of Divine Orbs, which you would buy from Tujen; you now get the exact cost of Exalted Orbs and even the reward as Ritual Reward.
  • You get Exalted Orbs dropped when having higher chances of Regal Orb drops instead of Divine Orbs.
  • The chances are the same, but you get Exalted orbs or Regal Orbs or even Chaos Orbs.
  • Forbidden Shako, Ventor’s Gamble, and even Judging Voices have gotten a boost in their drop rate.

How to Farm Divine Orbs Now?

You can farm them using the following methods in the game.

  • By killing monsters, though, their drop rate is now similar to Exalted Orbs. Higher tier and content have higher chances.
  • The 2nd method is through Divination Cards, which requires 11 Mas Points for 10 Holy Orbs. These Divination Cards are dropped by The Hollow Husk, Dominus The Ascendant, The High Templar, etc..
  • You can also get them by selling 1 Divine Orb and 5 flasks to any merchant. You will obtain 5 Divine Vessel items.
  • Due to Drop rates, the process takes some time to acquire.

How Do You Use Divine Orbs?

Let’s see what the different ways you can use this latest premium currency are:

  • You can use them for re-rolling explicit modifiers. But use them sparingly for good unique items instead of using them on items that only have a single great affix.
  • You can spend these Orbs making exchanges with players. Exchange is done to get powerful items like Mageblood or a godly rolled Watcher’s Eye.
  • This currency’s subsequent most crucial usage is crafting on the Crafting Bence for Meta Crafting. This can help you add a modifier to your gear and even add multiple sockets to them.
  • These can also be used for multiple crafted mods for specific items while also being able to exchange them for other types of orbs to get more upgrades.
  • The final important aspect of their usage is to craft Divine Vessel. The Divine Vessel is used to add extra power to bosses but bagging you greater.

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