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Lost Ark EU News

Lost Ark – Closed Beta date speculation, gameplay, and more

Lost Ark closed beta release is looming over the EU. The world-famous Korean MMO is finally set to release this fall. The official closed beta release date was scheduled before winter 2021, so you can expect the release within September to early November.

There has been no official announcement at the time of writing this, though the official date is imminent from one of the tweets made earlier this year.

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How to sign up for Lost Ark EU closed beta?

You can sign up for the closed beta in two ways:

  • Founder’s Pack– Buying a Founder’s pack will automatically secure your place in the closed beta. There are four packs, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The purchase also grants you access to the full game three days prior to the official release, along with various cosmetics such as exclusive pets, founder’s title, in-game currency, and much more.
  • Close beta sign up– The second way to get access to closed beta is by signing up on their official website. However, there are no guarantees that you’ll get access to Lost Ark EU closed beta with this method, and you may have to wait in a queue.

What is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is an MMORPG made by a Korean dev team. The game was in development for eight years, before it was released in Korea on December 4, 2018. The game is now finally getting a western release three years after its initial launch.

Given how long it was in development, the game is completely fleshed out with a massive world for players to discover and explore. After completing the leveling tree you get access to the end game content.

Unlike the other RPG games in the genre, Lost Ark focuses on the social aspect. This means you’ll have to go out and churn dungeons and any other game content with different players. You’ll have the chance to progress the story, get better gear, level different skills, and so on.

The Combat

Lost Ark offers five classes to choose from when you begin the game. As you progress, get access to subclasses that unlock more powerful abilities and new and unique ways to play your character.

Some of the classes pack truly overbearing abilities that make short work of enemy hordes. Judging by the trailer, the flashy attack animations will make for a great gaming experience.

Unlike games like Path of Exile, where you keep spamming attacks, Lost Ark offers a much more involved fighting experience. The attacks seem more lively and each press of the buttons feels a lot more satisfying.

Is Lost Ark EU going to be a pay to win game?

Since the Lost Ark is going to be a free-to-play game there is going to be an in-game shop. Now whether or not you can buy stuff that skips progression, or if the shop will only sell cosmetics, is yet to be seen. The main ingame currency will be Lost Ark Gold.

However, as long as the Founder’s packs are concerned a three-day head start isn’t that relevant in the long run. So, whether or not it’s free to play completely depends on your perception of the game. As long as the game itself is concerned, the impact of the purchasable items isn’t that big of a deal, when the game officially releases on December 31, 2021.

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